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1995 Booklet “What Fianna Fáil Stands For Today” July 29, 2016

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A booklet produced in 1995 “What Fianna Fáil Stands For Today” giving details of the party history and policies . I’ve scanned it in pdf , click here or on the image to open it.
Many thanks to the sender.



Celebrating “60 years of Fianna Fail Dail History” in Longford Westmeath from 1986 July 23, 2016

A small pamphlet produced for the Celebration Dinner Dance to mark “60 years of Fianna Fail Dail History” in Longford Westmeath held in Athlone on the 17th of October 1986.
Many thanks to the sender.



“Back To The Future” style leaflet from Martin Heydon -Fine Gael -Kildare South #ge16 February 24, 2016

A “Back To The Future” style leaflet from Martin Heydon who is running for Fine Gael in Kildare South.
Many thanks to the sender.


Two 1970’s leaflets from The SNP September 4, 2014

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Given the proximity of the Scottish Independence Referendum, two SNP leaflets (from the 1970’s I’m told) that highlight two of the issues in the current campaign.
Many thanks to the sender



A series of ten Classic UK Election Posters from 1929 to 1959 July 15, 2014

A series of Classic UK Election posters, which I recently received as a kind gift as a pack of ten postcards. Are similar Irish ones available for sale I wonder?
From The Conservatives in 1929

From Labour in 1929



Leaflet from Tomás Breathnach -Labour Party -Piltown -2014 Local Elections May 15, 2014

A leaflet from Tomás Breathnach who is running for Labour in Piltown for a seat on Kilkenny County Council.
Many thanks to the sender.



From 2004 “100 Days To Change America” -John Kerry’s Action Plan For His First 100 Days in Office August 14, 2012

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Although not Irish, I thought this leaflet may be of interest. From the 2004 American Presidential Election, “100 Days To Change America” John Kerry’s Action Plan For His First 100 Days in Office.



“Good Morning” flyer from Chris Andrews “Representation with Integrity” – Fianna Fail -2011 General Election Dublin South East August 13, 2012

From the morning of the 2011 General Election a ‘Good Morning’ flyer from Fianna Fail candidate Chris Andrews running in Dublin South East. Using the slogan “Representation with Integrity” Andrews flyer does not mention Fianna Fail nor have the party logo.  Andrews who had been elected in 2007 lost his seat polling 3,922 votes.



From 1977 a “Bring Back Jack” – “Vote Fianna Fail” T-shirt July 24, 2012

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As close as I’m ever going to get to being a fashion blogger! … Found recently in an attic a “Vote Fianna Fail ” T-Shirt with “Bring Back Jack” on the back. I presume its from the 1977 General Election campaign.
Many Thanks to the sender.


1979 leaflet for Fine Gael candidates Michael McDowell, Joe Doyle, Tommy Woods and Finola Gill June 9, 2012

From the 1979 Local Elections a leaflet for Fine Gael candidates Michael McDowell, Joe Doyle, Tommy Woods and Finola Gill (who later married John Bruton). Joe Doyle was elected. McDowell polled 1271 votes, Gill 960 and Woods 497.
McDowell was later a founder member and became leader of The Progressive Democrats.
Old Local Election Results uploaded in excel form here



From 1980 details of the number of Fianna Fail Cumainn nationally and report of the National Executive. May 30, 2012

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From the Clar of the 1980 Fianna Fail Ard Fheis the report of the National Executive by Liam O’Rian.We also have details of the Fianna Fail National Executive with the number of meetings attended by each member. Also of interest is the Number of Cumainn registered in each constituency for 1979 with details of the 1978 numbers. Donegal had the most and there was total of 2,475 Cumainn Nationally.



That there be “a Telephone in every school in the country” and other motions from the 1981 Fine Gael Ard Fheis May 14, 2012

The motions on Telecommunications and Broadcasting as well as the motions on Foreign Affairs from the 1981 Fine Gael Ard Fheis. Amongst the motions are ones on Section 31 , The provision of a Telephone in every School, CB Radios to be licensed and condemning the IRFU for touring South Africa.
I’m not sure of the fate of each motion.



“Dublin 15 News April 2012” from David McGuinness Fianna Fail April 24, 2012

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The April 2012 Dublin 15 Newsletter from Fianna Fail Councillor David McGuinness. Amongst the items covered are last years by-election, Salary Caps, Jobs plans and more.



Issue 1 of ‘Convention’ – Newsletter from An Chomhdháil Phobail | The Peoples Convention (CPPC) April 23, 2012

A copy of ‘Convention’ newsletter, published by the National Committee of The Peoples Convention. This first issue was a print run of 20,000 for door-to-door distribution to support the work of building CPPC.
It has articles on amongst other things, a constitutional challenge to SIPO, The Fiscal Treaty Referendum, The Ballyhea Bondholder Protest , some upcoming Public Meetings and more.
Many thanks to the sender.
The CPPC website

The Ballyhea Bank Bondholder Bailout Protest



A few pages from “SUPERSPI” magazine from June July 1978 – Socialist Party of Ireland April 18, 2012

SUPERSPI was a magazine produced by The Socialist Party of Ireland, a group that existed between 1971 and 1982. There’s more details on them here and here.
The magazine itself is actually quite good with a witty enough cover and some decent columns. The story about the ITGWU conference is one in particular that I enjoyed. I’m not sure how many issues of it were produced .

The full magazine will appear in pdf form on The Cedar Lounge in due course.



“Lousers!” -Wonderful poster from William Norton Labour Party -1926 Dublin County By Election April 16, 2012

From the 1926 Dublin County By-Election a wonderful poster for former Tainiste and Labour Party Leader William Norton. The poster attacks a statement made by Professor Michael Tierney TD (Later President of UCD) speaking at a rally in support of Thomas Healy (the government candidate) where he said that
“ was not a question of Unemployment, the trouble was the Lousers (meaning the Unemployed Workers) would not work.”
William Norton was elected.
Many thanks to the sender.


Some Pro and Anti Treaty Posters April 12, 2012

Was on a recent tour of the excellent Kilmainham Goal and took a few pictures of some of the many brilliant posters there.



“This Treaty Supports Jobs and Recovery. It Protects All our Interests ..” Fine Gael Fiscal Treaty Leaflet April 5, 2012

A leaflet produced by Fine Gael for the Forthcoming Fiscal Treaty Referendum. The headline being “This Treaty supports jobs and recovery. It protects all our interests – yours, mine and our children’s.”



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