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Cumann na Saoirse “Points for Canvassers” leaflet from 1922 November 9, 2017

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From 1922 a Cumann na Saoirse “Points for Canvassers” leaflet outlining their Pro-Treaty stance. Cumann na Saoirse were founded after a split from the anti treaty Cumann na mBan.


“Che Guevara – Symbol of Struggle” CWI Pamphlet circa 2003 November 6, 2017

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“Che Guevara – Symbol of Struggle” a CWI Pamphlet by Tony Saunois circa 2003 that was Distributed by The Socialist Party in Ireland. I’ve uploaded it in pdf format here
many thanks to the sender


PLO Magazine “The Palestine Report” 12th January 1981 October 5, 2017

Not Irish but something I had that I thought might be of interest. The 12th January 1981 edition of the Palestine Liberation Organisation Magazine “The Palestine Report”. I’ve scanned and uploaded it in pdf here


“Socialist Organiser -Miners Strike Bulletin” 11th-17th February 1985 April 12, 2017

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A newsletter “Socialist Organiser -Miners Strike Bulletin” 11th-17th February from the Miners Strike in the UK in 1985. It gives details of forthcoming strike action and other pieces about the miners struggle.



“Easter Week 1916” from the April 1936 edition of “The Labour Monthly” reflecting on the 20th Anniversary of the Easter Rising. March 26, 2015

From The April 1936 edition of “The Labour Monthly” (a magazine associated with The Communist Party of Great Britain) an article reflecting on the 20th Anniversary of  the Easter Rising. The article “Easter Week 1916” was written by Pat Devine (Info on him here). As it is a good few pages long I’ve scanned and uploaded it in pdf.   Click Here for “Easter Week 1916” or on the image to launch it in pdf.


A series of ten Classic UK Election Posters from 1929 to 1959 July 15, 2014

A series of Classic UK Election posters, which I recently received as a kind gift as a pack of ten postcards. Are similar Irish ones available for sale I wonder?
From The Conservatives in 1929

From Labour in 1929



“Medical Kits for S.W.A.P.O.” Collection sheet from Sinn Fein The Workers’ Party March 13, 2013

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Interesting item this illustrating the many international ties many of the Irish political parties had and still have. A “Medical Kits for S.W.A.P.O.” Collection sheet from Sinn Fein The Workers’ Party.
SWAPO being the South West African People’s Organisation who were fighting for independence for what is now Namibia.



Leaflet from Winston Churchill- 1950 UK General Election. February 22, 2013

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Thought this might be of interest, given that its a nice bit of history. (Its up on ebay at the minute) A 1950 General Election leaflet from Winston Churchill.




A selection of US World War One posters October 15, 2012

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From a wonderful gallery of  US World War I posters here



From 1917 “A Message to the electors of East Clare from the people of Limerick… Vote for Eamonn De Valera” August 8, 2012

Two wonderful leaflets for Eamon De Valera from the 1917 East Clare by election. One “A Message to the electors of East Clare from the people of Limerick” and the other “Dr O’Dwyer at Limerick 14th Sept., 1916”. De Valera defeated Patrick Lynch to win the seat. (telegram sent by De Valera to his wife with the result)
Via the Limerick City Museum Site …. (credit to Brian Hodkinson, Museum Curator) Many Thanks.



“Let Lemass Lead On”- 1965 leaflet from Honor Crowley, Tim ‘Chub’ O’Connor -Fianna Fail -Kerry South June 18, 2012

From the 1965 General Election a leaflet from Fianna Fail candidates Honor Crowley and Timothy ‘Chub’ O’Connor running in Kerry South. Both were elected.
The leaflet also has the Fianna Fail slogan from that election “Let Lemass Lead on”
We also have the message to the electorate from Sean Lemass. Which boasts of the progress made to date but that “Everything depends on the country’s agricultural and industrial production continuously increasing..”



post Cuban Missile Crisis CND Leaflet – “Seven Days That Shook The World” February 27, 2012

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A CND leaflet produced after the Cuban missile crisis. It argues that “Britain is to America what Cuba was to Russia: an advance missile base”.


1931 Letter from Eamon De Valera to Irish Press Shareholder announcing that the paper was to be published on the following Saturday January 5, 2012

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From September 2nd 1931, a letter to each shareholder in The Irish Press from Eamon De Valera. The letter announces the launch of the paper on Saturday 5th of September as well as practical ways of supporting the paper.
I’m curious to know if it would have been signed in person by De Valera, the original looks as if it may have been but given the letter mentions 8,000 shareholders its probably unlikely.


Happy Christmas …. December 25, 2011

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Happy Christmas ….
This is the front page of a newsletter from the UK Miners Strike I posted over on the CLR


“Front – Line” Issue 1 – A 1984 Newsletter from the Miners Strike in the UK (Nottingham) December 4, 2011

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Not Irish I know, but thought it may be of interest. The first issue of a newsletter “Front-Line” from week 48 of the Miners Strike in the UK. It was produced by striking Nottingham miners. As 1984 closes they look forward to “Victory in 85”.
I’ve a few more of these that I’ll post in due course.



“Keep Britain British” -Vote No – 1975 UK Referendum on withdrawal from the EEC September 17, 2011

In 1975 the UK held a Referendum on withdrawal from the EEC (there was no Referendum on the UK’s entry to the EEC) . The Referendum asked
Do you think the UK should stay in the European Community (Common Market)?

17,378,581 (67.2%) voted Yes and 8,470,073 (32.8%) voted No.
This Leaflet is calling for a No vote and is published by former Liberal MP Air Vice Marshal Don Bennett.



James Tully -Labour Party -1954 General Election -Meath September 3, 2011

From the 1954 ads for former Labour Party deputy leader James Tully who was running in Meath. Tully who later served as a minister is probably best remembered by the term ‘Tullymander’ in reference to his 1974 revision of constituency boundaries. His record at



Cover and first page of a copy of The Irish Rush Light from 1831 September 2, 2011

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Many thanks to the sender who notes …

Cover and first page of a copy of The Irish Rush Light, a political, Social, Literary magazine the details of which I cannot help you with, perhaps someone who views IEL might help us. That copy is from 1831 and is fascinating and in places, surprisingly forward thinking and enlightened.

Anyone know anything about the publication?



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