Irish Election Literature

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Welcome to Parlon Politics? NO THANKS! -Fine Gael 2007 GE March 22, 2010

Got sent this recently (Thanks to the donor)…From the 2007 General Election Campaign a Fine Gael poster parody of the ‘Welcome to Parlon Country’ Posters.
It was also a parody of the PDs negative campaigning (‘Left Wing Government- No Thanks’ ,  ‘Single Party Government – No Thanks etc )


Tom Parlon- Progressive Democrats -2007 GE Laois-Offaly January 17, 2010

From the 2007 General Election, former IFA president Tom Parlon. Parlon then a junior Minister was big on decentralisation.

Having won a seat in 2002, he lost it in this 2007 election. (Parlon on . He then became DG of the Connstruction Industry Federation.



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