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Local election results for Kilkenny 1955 to 2009, Laois 1960 to 2009 and Leitrim 1920 to 2009 January 27, 2012

Another batch of old local election results, this time results for Kilkenny County Council 1955 to 2009,Laois County Council 1960 to 2009 and Leitrim County Council 1920 to 2009.

The Main page for old Local election results is HERE

Uploaded in excel format.
Kilkenny County Council 1955 to 2009

Laois County Council 1960 to 2009

Leitrim County Council 1920 to 2009


Old Local Election Results – Leitrim 1920 to 2009, Kilkenny 1955 to 2009, Laois 1960 to 2009 December 13, 2011

Another selection of Old Local Election results in excel format. This time from Kilkenny, Laois and Leitrim

The Main page for all the old Local Election results posted to date is HERE

Kilkenny County Council Local Election Results 1955 to 2009

Laois County Council Local Election Results 1960 to 2009

Leitrim County Council Local Election Results 1920 to 2009


‘Let’s Make History’ Margaret Ritchie leaflet -SDLP Leadership contest 2010 September 8, 2011

A Margaret Ritchie flyer from the SDLP Leaderhip contest where she outpolled Alasdair McDonnell by 222 votes to 187 to take over from Mark Durkan.
Its quite a powerful use of colour and the slogan ‘Let’s Make History’ is a powerful one too.
Many thanks to the donor


Local Election Results for Kerry 1960 to 2009, Donegal 1955 to 2009, Kildare 1925-34, 1960-2009 August 23, 2011

Local Election Results for Kerry 1960 to 2009, Donegal from 1955 to 2009 and  Kildare from 1925 to 1934 and 1960 to 2009
The Files are excel spreadsheets.

Kerry County Council 1960 to 2009

Kildare county Council 1925-34, 1960-2009

Donegal County Council 1955 to 2009

Details of other Local Election Results posted to Date are here


Limerick City and County Council Local Election Results 1960 to 2009 August 13, 2011

Limerick City and County Council Local Election Results 1960 to 2009.
At the minute the fabulous has most of the 1991 LE with all of the 1999, 2004 and 2009 results. So this continues to add the online availability of old election results online.

These are excel files.

Limerick City Council Election Results 1960 to 2009

Limerick County Council Election Results 1960 to 2009

Other results to date posted Here (Cavan, Carlow, Clare) and Here (Dublin City and County)
The Cork and Waterford ones here

I’ve leaflets for many of these Local Election candidates posted. Alas I’ve it done by year as opposed to year / area.

2009 Local Elections

2004 Local Elections

1999 Local Elections

1991 Local Elections

1985 Local Elections

1979 Local Elections

1974 Local Elections

1967 Local Elections
Many thanks to the sender.


Mary Davis for President video May 26, 2011

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A video from Mary Davis who is seeking a nomination to run in the upcoming Presidential Election as an independent candidate.
She is best known for her role with The Special Olympics.
Her website

The blurb with the Video states…

My background is defined by a lifetime of work with local, national and international voluntary organisations, from my time as a teacher in St. Michael’s House in Ballymun to my current role as the Managing Director of Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia, working across 58 countries.

It is this breadth of experience that I bring to this campaign, and I hope to have the opportunity to put this before the people in the autumn of this year.
I want to play a leadership role in making change happen, to inspire reform and renewal at home whilst rebuilding our place in the wider world. To be a practical President, in the service of the Irish people.

I will be travelling the country in the coming weeks, seeking the support of local representatives to secure a nomination for President. But I will need your help too. So please, sign up and get involved. Get in touch with your ideas and lets begin a campaign about the kind of future we can create together.


Bernadette McAliskey Election Broadcast April 23, 2011

From the 2011 Assembly and Local Elections in Northern Ireland an Election broadcast from Bernadette McAliskey supporting People Before Profit candidates.


A Selection of Old UK Labour Party Election Posters April 22, 2011

Was sent these images (many thanks) of old UK Labour Party posters. They cover all sorts of issues from War to Paid Holidays. Enjoy



People Before Profit Party Political Broadcast -2011 General Election February 15, 2011

From the 2011 General Election campaign a Party Political Broadcast from People Before Profit , part of the United Left Alliance.
The video features the two candidates most likely to win seats (although others have chances) Councillor Richard Boyd Barrett and Councillor Joan Collins.


“One-Party Government? NO thanks!” -Progressive Democrats 2002 poster February 13, 2011

An image of the now famous (infamous?) “One-Party Government? NO thanks!” poster used by the Progressive Democrats in the 2002 General Election Campaign.
It was accredited with turning the parties fortunes and helping them win eight seats.


Manifesto for Jim Connolly -Independent -Clare 2011 General Election December 21, 2010

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This is the cover of a 52 page booklet produced by Jim Connolly an Independent candidate for the forthcoming General Election in Clare.
The full booklet can be downloaded from HERE

His website


Poster for Cian Prendiville -Socialist Party (part of the United Left Alliance) -2011 Election Limerick City December 19, 2010

From the forthcoming General Election a Poster for Cian Prendiville of the Socialist Party running in the Limerick City constituency.
Its the first bit of election material I’ve seen referring to the United Left Alliance.
The sender (many thanks) notes…
At 21 he is, to the best of my knowledge, the youngest general election candidate .


1927 ad for Fianna Fail “the only Party that can give it to you” December 17, 2010

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A 1927 ad for Fianna Fail criticising the Cosgrave government. Towards the end of the ad there is the line “Fianna Fail is the only Party that can give it to you”.


“Do The Right Thing Today -Stand By The Nation – Vote Fianna Fail”

An old Fianna Fail Election Poster urging voters to
“Do The Right Thing Today -Stand By The Nation – Vote Fianna Fail”.
I’m not sure what year the poster is from.


The Sinn Féin Website from 1999 December 8, 2010

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From 1999 a copy of the Sinn Féin website.

Click HERE or on the image to enter.

A copy of their 1998 website is HERE.


1994 Natural Law Party -Party Political Broadcast… including footage of Yogic Flying

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From the 1994 European Elections in the UK a Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the Natural Law Party. Includes some footage of Yogic Flyers!


Mary Banotti -Fine Gael -1983 Dublin Central By-Election November 30, 2010

From the 1983 Dublin Central by election a leaflet for Fine Gael candidate Mary Banotti. There is a message of support from the then Taoiseach Garret Fitzgerald as well as a profile of the candidate herself.
The by-election was caused by the death of former Tainiste and Fianna Fail TD George Colley. Banotti polled 7,362 votes but lost out to Fianna Fails Tom Leonard. Mary Banotti is the sister of former TD Nora Owen and Grand niece of Michael Collins. She was elected to the European Parliament in 1984 and served there until 2004 when she retired. She also stood in the 1997 Presidential election won by Mary McAleese.



Video – ‘Vote No 1 Thomas Pringle’ for Donegal South West By-Election November 19, 2010

Not sure how ‘Official’ this video is, anyhow its quite amusing and urges a number one vote for Independent candidate Thomas Pringle in the forthcoming Donegal South West By-Election .
The Killybegs based Pringle is a long time councillor. His website is There is also a Vote Thomas Pringle Facebook Page.


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