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Sylvia Hermon -Independent Unionist -North Down 2010 UK Election August 12, 2010

From the 2010 UK Election a leaflet for Independent candidate Sylvia Hermon running in North Down.She was easily elected.
Having been first elected in 2001 as an Ulster Unionist Party candidate, she quit the party in 2010 in protest at the UUP’s alliance with the Conservative Party. She is the widow of Sir Jack Hermon, former Chief Constable of the RUC.



Tony Quinn- SDLP -Mid Ulster 2010 May 12, 2010

From the 2010 UK Election, a flyer for SDLP candidate Tony Quinn running in Mid Ulster. He polled 5,826.

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Ian McCrae -DUP -Mid Ulster -2010 UK Election May 9, 2010

From the 2010 UK Election, a leaflet from DUP candidate Ian McCrae running in Mid Ulster. He polled 5,876 votes.
McCrae is an MLA and also is the son of DUP MP Willie McCrea.



UK Election -The first Green MP -Caroline Lucas -Green Party -Brighton Pavillion May 8, 2010

A leaflet produced for Caroline Lucas, who became the Green Partys first Westminster MP when winning a seat in Brighton Pavillion in the 2010 UK election.



Declan O’Loan -SDLP -North Antrim -2010 UK General Election

From the 2010 UK Election. Declan O’Loan running for the SDLP in North Antrim. O’Loan polled 3738 votes.
On the front of the leaflet is a photo of Margaret Ritchie with arms outstretched. The fact that the SDLP take their seats gets a mention as does the fact that Declan O’Loan is the Honorary Consul for Romania in Northern Ireland.
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Ian Butler -Alliance Party- Mid Ulster 2010 UK Election

From the 2010 Westminster Election. An election leaflet from Alliance Party candidate in Mid Ulster Ian Butler. Ian Butler polled 397 votes and lost his deposit.
It was though a successful election for the party as they had their first MP Naomi Long Elected. Of the material I have from the election (I’ve stuff from all the parties that contested in the North) the Alliance were the only ones to have anything other than English or Irish on their leaflets (I didn’t see any Ulster Scots anywhere). There are a number of languages on their leaflet, of which I think includes some Chinese (Cantonese?) and Polish.
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David Harding -Conservative and Unionist -Foyle 2010 UK Election

From the 2010 Westminister Election, a leaflet from Conservative and Unionist candidate David Harding running in Foyle. David Harding polled
1,221 votes (3.22%) and lost his deposit.
In the leaflet a lot of emphasis is put on the partnership between the UUP and the Ulster Unionist Party and how ‘for the first time in a generation, people in Northern Ireland can have a decisive say in who forms the next UK government.’
Problem of course being that it may now be the DUP who have that say.
Harding is pictured all over Derry with a grey haired lady, anyone know who she is?



Adam McGibbon -Green Party -South Belfast 2010

A leaflet from Green Party candidate Adam McGibbon running in South Belfast in the 2010 UK Election. He polled 1,036 votes.
The leaflet mentions the creation of 33,000 Green Jobs (Green New Deal), Clean Politics and speed limit reductions.



Peter Robinson -DUP -East Belfast 2010 UK Election May 7, 2010

From the 2010 UK Election, the standard leaflet from DUP Leader Peter Robinson. Peter Robinson sensationally lost his seat to Naomi Long of the Alliance Party.
He is here pictured with Obama, with British soldiers serving in the Middle East, in the House of Commons but most strikingly hes pictured hard hat on a building site.
If one didn’t know better you’d think he it was with a group of smiling developers.
The Picture beside it is in my view foolish also as it pictures him beside a £ sign!

In fact that page has him in the House of commons first, then with developers and then beside the pound sign. Underneath we have the arrow!
So it could be seen as…. expenses + land deals = cash



Uk Election… Lyle Cubitt -Independent Unionist -North Antrim 2010

From the 2010 UK Election in North Antrim, a leaflet from Independent Unionist Lyle Cubitt.
Lyle wants the Assembly dropped and accuses Jim Allisters TUV and the Ian Paisleys DUP of telling lies to the Northern Electorate.
He polled 606 votes.



2010 UK Election -He used to ignore immigration.. .. now he lives on a reservation -UKIP 2010 May 5, 2010

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From the 2010 Westminster elections. From the UK Independence Party (UKIP) an incredible anti immigration leaflet
‘He used to ignore immigration.. .. now he lives on a reservation’



Eamonn McCann -People Before Profit – Foyle -2010 Westminister Election May 4, 2010

The leaflet from veteran campaigner Eamonn McCann running for The People Before Profit Alliance in the 2010 Westminister Elections in Foyle.
This leaflet would have been delivered by volunteers rather than the postal service due to an Industrial dispute, of which details here.
The campaign Song Mentioned in the Leaflet is available HERE



UK Election -Let The Bankers Pay for Their Crisis -not us! May 1, 2010

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Another from the UK election that caught my eye. It’s from Carlisle Socialist & Trade Union candidate Peter Metcalfe. It’s the image of the two bankers that tells the story.

The full leaflet is available here


UK Election…. My Grandfather worked in mines… Your family owned them! April 29, 2010

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I saw this and couldn’t resist posting it. The Labour candidate Dan Norris contrasts himself to the Tory candidate Jacob Rees-Mogg. You wouldn’t be exactly thrilled if you were the Tory candidate.

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Gerry Adams -West Belfast 2010 Westminister Elections April 26, 2010

From the 2010 Westminster Elections, An election leaflet for Sinn Fein Leader Gerry Adams. There is a profile of Gerry Adams as well as a message from himself. The achievements of Sinn Fein in government are listed, as well as those by each Sinn Fein Minister.
Martin McGuinness has overseen capital expenditure projects like the new hospital in Enniskillen…
Conor Murphy has moved to increase investment in public transport….
Michelle Gildernew has bought in 7 million investment for small family farms…
Cairriona Ruane has done what others for decades spoke about doing-ending the 11 plus ….
Gerry Kelly has taken the lead in ensuring an advocate for elderly people….

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