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General Election Leaflets …… April 30, 2020

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2020 General Election               2016 General Election
2011 General Election               2007 General Election
2002 General Election               1997 General Election
1992 General Election               1989 General Election
1987 General Election               Nov 1982 General Election
Feb 1982 General Election       1981 General Election
1977 General Election               1973 General Election
1969 General Election               1965 General Election
1961 General Election               1957 General Election
1954 General Election               1951 General Election
1948 General Election               1944 General Election
1943 General Election               1938 General Election
1937 General Election               1933 General Election
1932 General Election               Sept 1927 General Election
June 1927 General Election     1923 General Election


“Amandla” July 1980 – Bulletin of The Irish Anti Apartheid Movement February 19, 2021

The July 1980 edition of “Amandla”, The Bulletin of The Irish Anti Apartheid Movement. Covers Nelson Mandela, The Irish Lions Tour, Namibia and other issues.


Podcast -The National Labour Party February 18, 2021

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The National Labour Party were a split from The Labour Party that lasted from 1944 to 1950. The split was due to various factors but mainly that Jim Larkin Snr had been allowed join the party and then selected to run for Labour in 1943, against the wishes of the ITGWU. The National Labour Party felt that Labour Party was overrun with Communists. The differences were finally settled in 1950, when the two parties were serving in Government together.

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1997 leaflet promoting voters to Join Fine Gael February 17, 2021

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From 1997 a leaflet promoting voters to Join Fine Gael. Many thanks to the sender.


Leaflet from Tom Fleming and John O’Donoghue -Fianna Fáil- 2002 General Election February 16, 2021

From the 2002 General Election a leaflet from Tom Fleming and John O’Donoghue of Fianna Fáil running in Kerry South. John O’Donoghue was elected polling 9445 votes, whilst Tom Fleming narrowly missed out polling 6912 votes.

Many thanks to the sender


Podcast -The PAYE Tax Reform League February 11, 2021

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In the 1970’s and 80’s the tax burden on PAYE workers was huge. It led to massive protests calling for farmers and self employed to be brought into the Tax net. Growing from those protests was The National Association for the Protection of PAYE Earners (NAPPE). The Tax Reform League became the Political wing of NAPPE and contested the 1987 General Election.

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“Revolutionary Alternative” -Vol2. Issue 1. October 1968 – Academic Freedom Committee

Issue 2-1 of “Revolutionary Alternative” a paper produced by the Academic Freedom Committee, who were members of The Internationalists, the group that became the Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist-Leninist). There’s a podcast on them here.

Many thanks to the sender


From 1991 -“Censored – Ireland’s Abortion Reality” -Cork Abortion Information Campaign February 8, 2021

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From 1991 “Censored – Ireland’s Abortion Reality” a booklet produced by The Cork Abortion Information Campaign. The booklet openly defied the censorship of Abortion Information that required a Referendum in 1992 to make Abortion Information Legal. It also gives a History around the issue. Many thanks to the sender.


“Partition -A Positive Policy” -Ailtirí na hAiséirghe 1946

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From 1946 a 36 page booklet “Partition -A Positive Policy” produced by Ailtirí na hAiséirghe outlining in deatil the party’s plan to end partition.


Leaflet from Tony Fitzgerald -Fianna Fáil -2004 Local Elections- Cork City North West.

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From the 2004 Local Elections a leaflet from Tony Fitzgerald who was running for Fianna Fáil in Cork City North West. He polled 474 votes and was elected. Many thanks to the sender


The Sligo Star – November 1976 -Sligo CYM February 5, 2021

The November 1976 Edition of The Sligo Star produced by The Sligo CYM and supporters. It’s interesting in that it has a broader coverage of culture and local issues than many Left Wing papers. Many thanks to the sender


“Help To Defend Our Catholic Heritage Against The New Pagan Threat” Leaflet from John Lacken

From 2017 Help To Defend Our Catholic Heritage Against The New Pagan Threat , a leaflet produced by former Christian Solidarity Party candidate John Lacken and current head of the Mayo based Legio Sanctae Familiae (Legion of The Holy Family) against the proposed Púca featival (it’s website is here), which was being promoted by Tourism Ireland for Halloween in the three locations of Drogheda, Trim and Athboy.

Many thanks to the sender.


Podcast – Aontacht Éireann -Episode 33

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The story of the Aontacht Éireann party founded by former Fianna Fáil Minister Kevin Boland in 1971. More Republican than Fianna Fáil they were Initially popular, however the party went downhill, losing all it’s seats in the 1973 General Election and 1974 Local Elections.

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1990 Presidential Election Leaflet endorsing Brian Lenihan from Bertie Ahern, Dermot Fitzpatrick and John Stafford.

From the 1990 Presidential Election a leaflet distributed in Dublin Central endorsing Brian Lenihan for President. It has messages of support from TD’s Bertie Ahern, Dermot Fitzpatrick and John Stafford as well as local Councillors. There’s also a profile of the candidate. Many thanks to the sender.


Rebel issue 1 from Revolutionary Struggle February 3, 2021

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The first issue of “Rebel” , a newspaper produced by the Left Wing group Revolutionary Struggle in 1978. You can find out more on them here. Many thanks to the sender.


The Corú agus Rialacha (Constitution and Rules) of Fianna Fáil (2016 edition)

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From 2016 an updated copy of the The Corú agus Rialacha (Constitution and Rules) of Fianna Fáil. You’ll find a 1983 copy here . Many thanks to the sender.


Red Patriot -Dec 25, 1970 – Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist-Leninist) February 2, 2021

The December 25th , 1970 edition of the Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist-Leninist) organ Red Patriot.

Many thanks to the sender


The Workers Party -South Inner City, 1991 Leaflet for Andy Smith and Brian O’Connor February 1, 2021

From the 1991 Local Election Campaign a leaflet from The Workers Party -South Inner City Branch promoting candidates Andy Smith and Brian O’Connor. Running in the South Inner City LEA Brian O’Connor polled 778 votes and Andy Smith 600 votes and both missed out on seats.


Leaflet from Tara Skakie -Green Party -Glencullen -1999 Local Elections

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From the 1999 Local Elections, a Leaflet from Tara Skakie who was running for The Green Party in the Glencullen LEA, she polled 355 votes and missed out on a seat.


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