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A series of ten Classic UK Election Posters from 1929 to 1959 July 15, 2014

A series of Classic UK Election posters, which I recently received as a kind gift as a pack of ten postcards. Are similar Irish ones available for sale I wonder?
From The Conservatives in 1929

From Labour in 1929



Posters for Kieran Dennison, Leo Varadkar -Fine Gael -Dublin West 2011 General Election. March 21, 2013

From the 2011 General Election a set of posters for Fine Gael candidates in Dublin West Kieran Dennison and Leo Varadkar. Varadkar was elected.

For those of you wishing to print larger versions of the posters for your walls I’ve uploaded it in pdf form too.
Many thanks to the sender.




From 1923 “Voting for the Free State means keeping Ireland down … Vote Republican” November 30, 2012

From the 1923 General Election a poster ‘Keeping Ireland Down” “Voting for the Free State means keeping Ireland down Don’t prolong the agony! Vote Republican”
many thanks to the sender.


Enda Kenny poster from the 1975 Mayo West by-Election October 11, 2012

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From the 1975 Mayo West By-Election, caused by the death of his father Henry Kenny , a poster for now Taoiseach Enda Kenny. He was elected on the first count.


I’d previously posted a tiny version of this …..
[Click to Enlarge]


“Which? Vote for de Valera, a Felon of our land.” – Eamon De Valera Poster from the 1917 East Clare By Election July 25, 2012

Via the Limerick City Museum Site …. (credit to Brian Hodkinson, Museum Curator) , a wonderful 1917 East Clare bye election poster for Eamon De Valera.

Which? Vote for de Valera, a Felon of our land.The two candidates in the 1917 East Clare bye election depicted as prisoner and prosecutor. de Valera in Volunteer uniform, stands in the dock as prosecutor Lynch points to him while a judge in a top hat writes out a death sentence. Printed on one side only.


“The Roll of Dishonour” and “A Hot Record”- Two 1932 Election posters from Cumann na nGaedheal February 14, 2012

Two great posters from the 1932 General Election produced by Cumann na nGaedheal. (via the National Library of Ireland’s Flickr Photostream)

The first one is

“…designed to counter Fianna Fáil protests at the amount of money being paid out as military pensions to ex-members of the National Army.
In response, the text of this poster roundly condemns Fianna Fáil for causing the Irish Civil War, a conflict that cost the Saorstát “Thirty-Five Million Pounds”.
This poster is incidentally a great source for the sums involved in the Damage to Property (Compensation) Act following the Irish Civil War. Obviously not all claimants are listed here. In fact, Cumann na nGaedheal make the point that a complete list “would require a score of Posters of this size”, but some of the sums were astronomical for the time:
The Gresham Hotel, O’Connell Street, Dublin: £102,905
The Freeman’s Journal, Townsend Street, Dublin: £49,390
Mitchelstown Castle, Cork: £46,475
Cork Examiner, Cork: £16,500
Bessborough House, Piltown, Kilkenny: £50,270
Condensed Milk Company, Tipperary: £59,290
Blacksod Whaling Company, Mayo: £4,950

The second one

“references popular culture in the form of records, implying that the chorus of all Fianna Fáil “songs” is the threat of war”

Other record related leaflets I’ve posted to date include this one from Alan Shatter in 2007




Three vintage Fianna Fail election posters “The Straight Road is Shortest”,”Keep The Wheels Moving” and “Fianna Fail is Building Up” January 10, 2012

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Three vintage election posters from Fianna Fail. “The Straight Road is Shortest”,”Keep The Wheels Moving” and “Fianna Fail is Building Up”.
I’m not quite sure which elections they are from, either way they are a reminder of different times.
(If you’d like them in bigger sized versions contact me)



Poster (‘Print-Out’) for Sean Gallagher -Independent -2011 Presidential Election October 18, 2011

Independent Presidential candidate Sean Gallaghers latest newsletter links to this Poster (or Print-Out as he calls it) with the following text.

Stick a Print-Out in Your Window: Print out a Seán Gallagher notice and put it up in your window at home, in your local shop or on a noticeboard. Ask permission of course!


Poster for Barry Caesar Hunt (ex Apprentice contestant) – Independent -Dublin West By Election 2011 October 12, 2011

From the 2011 Dublin West By-Election a poster for former Apprentice contestant Barry Caesar Hunt who is running as an Independent.
Barry Caesar Hunts Website
Poster via


Mary Davis poster as Gaeilge October 11, 2011

From the 2011 Presidential Election a poster for Independent candidate Mary Davis poster as Gaeilge.


Posters for Ruth Coppinger – Socialist Party / United Left Alliance – 2011 Dublin West By-Election October 7, 2011

From the 2011 Dublin West By-Election campaign Posters from Socialist Party/ United Left Alliance candidate Cllr Ruth Coppinger.

Her website



“Pride At Home, Respect Abroad” – Poster for Mary Davis -2011 Presidential Election September 9, 2011

The poster and slogan for the Mary Davis Presidential Campaign –”PRIDE AT HOME. RESPECT ABROAD”
One of Her Election Leaflets


Old Fianna Fail Poster “Mr Cosgrave Will Think More About The Unemployed After The Elections – He’ll be One of Them” May 29, 2011

Not sure when exactly this Old Fianna Fail Poster is from, although I suspect it is from the 1932 General Election. Variations of the slogan “Mr Cosgrave Will Think More About The Unemployed After The Elections – He’ll be One of Them” have been used over the years.
Many thanks to the sender.


A Selection of Old UK Labour Party Election Posters April 22, 2011

Was sent these images (many thanks) of old UK Labour Party posters. They cover all sorts of issues from War to Paid Holidays. Enjoy



Poster for Pat Rabbitte -Democratic Left -1994 European Elections April 13, 2011

From the 1994 European Elections in Dublin , a window poster for Pat Rabbitte running for the Democratic Left. Rabbitte polled 24,133 votes and failed to win a seat.


Donal O’Cofaigh -Socialist Party -Enniskillen -2011 Local Elections March 15, 2011

From the 2011 Local Elections in Northern Ireland a poster for Donal O’Cofaigh (Domhnall Ó Cobhthaigh)  ,Formerly of Sinn Féin, now running for his old council seat in Enniskillen for the Socialist Party.
many thanks to the sender.


“Scruff Of The Neck” and “Fight Back” , “Wallace For Wexford” posters -Mick Wallace -Wexford 2011 General Election February 20, 2011

From the 2011 General Election campaign two posters for Independent candidate Mick Wallace running in Wexford.
His website
many thanks to the sender



“They Dont All Have to Be The Same -Wallace For Wexford” – Mick Wallace Poster February 17, 2011

Many thanks to the sender who notes…

“A piece of artwork that was considered but did not make the cut for the Wallace campaign”

*If you want a larger copy of the image contact me.


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