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Letter from Aidan Culhane -Labour -Dublin South -2011 General Election February 2, 2011

From the forthcoming 2011 General Election a leaflet from Labour Party Candidate Aidan Culhane running in Dublin South. Culhane who ran in 2007 is in contention for a seat.


Leaflet for Malachy Steenson- Workers Party -2011 GE Dublin Central January 31, 2011

From the 2011 General Election a Leaflet for Malachy Steenson the Workers Party candidate in Dublin Central.



“I Promise Never To ‘To hold “clinics”’, ‘attend a funeral..’ -Eric Doyle-Higgins- Kildare North January 28, 2011

First off many thanks to the sender.

From the 2011 General Election campaign a leaflet from Independent candidate Eric Doyle-Higgins running in Kildare North. He is a former member of Fianna Fail.
Amongst other things…He promises

• To accept so much as a single cent in “travel expenses”;
• To hold “clinics”;
• To attend a funeral save where the deceased was personally known to me;

His website

Eric Doyle-Higgins



“Kick Fianna Fail Out” Leaflet from Cian Prendiville -Socialist Party -Limerick City -2011 GE January 20, 2011

A leaflet from the 2011 General Election Socialist Party (United Left Alliance) candidate in Limerick City Cian Prendiville.
It also has details of the ULA launch in Limerick.



Micheál Martin -“Towards Better Health” -Newsletter from the 2007 Election January 18, 2011

From the 2007 General Election Campaign a newsletter from, the then Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Micheál Martin running in Cork South Central  “Towards Better Health”. The Newsletter concentrates almost totally on Health matters despite him being out of the Health job since 2004. Needless to say The Smoking Ban gets a big mention.



“Keeping Warm this Winter” Leaflet from Ciaran Lynch- Labour Party -Cork South Central January 11, 2011

From January 2011 a leaflet for Labour Party TD for Cork South Central Ciaran Lynch with the headline “Keeping Warm this Winter” . The leaflet has some details of the “Winter Fuel Scheme” with details of Lynchs constituency clinics.
Councillor Lorraine Kingston is on the Leaflet in he Contact information section rather than his running mate Paula Desmond.
Whilst it doesn’t ask for a vote it certainly reminds voters that their TD is out and about.
Many thanks to the sender, who must have been tempted to keep himself warm by tossing the leaflet in the fire!



Leaflet for David McCarthy -Independent -Cork South-Central -2011 General Election

From the forthcoming election a leaflet for Independent Reform candidate David McCarthy running in Cork South-Central.
McCarthy was

“campaign manager for Kathy Sinnot’s 2002 General Election bid as well as stints as regional organiser for Fine Gael in Dublin and Munster. More recently .. was Séan Kelly’s campaign
manager in his successful European campaign and have most recently worked as regional director with Senator David Norris’s Presidential campaign.”

Amongst his polices are reduction in the number of TDs and “Cut numbers in the public service by 30,000

His website



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