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1967 issue of “Comment” magazine from the Universities Branch of The Labour Party edited by Ruairi Quinn July 2, 2014

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From 1967 an issue of “Comment” a magazine/ Newsletter produced by the “Universities Branch of The Labour Party Earlsfort Terrace Dublin”. This issue is edited by Ruairi Quinn. There are various articles including the editorial on “Labour and Coalition” , some poetry, a Message from Brendan Corish, an article on development and planning, a piece on Cuba.
It is 32 pages long so
I have uploaded it in pdf ,Comment1967
Many thanks to the sender




“Tackling The Housing Crisis” – Leaflet from Kevin Humphreys -Labour -1999 Local Elections

From the 1999 Local Elections a leaflet from Labour South East Inner City candidate Kevin Humphreys on “Tackling The Housing Crisis”. The leaflet outlines the housing crisis and offers various solutions. There is also a message of support from Ruairi Quinn.
Many thanks to the sender.



Flyer for 2002 “The Future Use of Grangegorman Lands” meeting from Joe Costello -Labour Dublin Central April 10, 2012

From 2002 a flyer from Joe Costello advertising a meeting on “The Future Use of Grangegorman Lands” in Aughrim Street Parish Centre.
Ten years later have the lands been developed along planned lines?
Many thanks to the sender.


More Cartoons from Ruairi Quinn and Kevin Humphreys -Labour Dublin South East February 8, 2011

You may have seen a 2011 General Election leaflet from Ruairi Quinn and Kevin Humphreys with a cartoon I posted recently.
It turns out that the cartoon was one of a series of three. I was kindly sent copies of the other two (many thanks).
Here they are …



“Send ‘Em Off!” -Unusual Flyer from Ruairi Quinn and Kevin Humphreys-Labour Dublin South East -2011 General Election February 7, 2011

From the 2011 General Election Campaign a wonderful flyer from Labour Party candidates in Dublin South East Ruairi Quinn and Kevin Humphreys.  I’m trying to figure out who the two FF players may be.
Many thanks to the sender.



From the 1997 Election. A Transcript of a Live Web Chat with Ruairi Quinn December 7, 2010

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From the 1997 Election a Transcript of Live Webchat with Ruairi Quinn.
It is also archived here
Possibly the first Live Web Chat with an Irish Minister.

The transcript….



Ruairi Quinn Leaflet -1992 General Election -Dublin South East September 29, 2010

From the 1992 General Election a leaflet from Labour candidate in Dublin South East Ruairi Quinn. Quinn polled 10,381 votes and was elected on the first count with well over a quota.
On the front of the leaflet is Ruairi Quinn with Dick Spring and a nice message from Spring.
On the inside is a critique of the FF/PD government. There were 300,000 unemployed. Major Property Owners and farmers were amongst those that Labour wanted to pay their ‘Fair Share’ in Tax.



Ruairi Quinn -Labour Party -2002 Dublin South East March 29, 2010

From the 2002 General Election campaig n in Dublin South East, the then Labour Party leader Ruairi Quinn. Quinn was comfotably elected.
The image of Ruair Quinn waving whilst Kevin Humphreys, Mary Freehill and Dermot Lacey stay cool and calm is one I’ve always liked.



Ruairi Quinn “Achievements in Difficult Times” -1987 GE Dublin SE January 5, 2010

From 1987 Ruairi Quinn outlines the achievements of the Labour Government and himself in the previous four years, especially his time as Minister for Labour and Public Service.
It’s quite a good read,especially the final page which has examples of the Social Employment Scheme (SES) –which he set up in action. Also there is the work done by AnCO on the renovation and restoration of the Irish College at Louvain.
The “Did you know?..” lists some of the worthy achievements of Labour in government…. alas one “Politics have been taken out of planning” didn’t last too long.



Ruairi Quinn -Letter to appartment Residents 1987 November 16, 2009

Many of the issues mentioned here by Ruairi Quinn are still happening today. Management Companies are still an area of contention , the country is crawling with unfinished buildings……




Ruairi Quinn -Lets Make Ireland Work- 1992 GE September 9, 2009

A Ruairi Quinn leaflet from 1992 . As often is the case for Dublin South East the Pigeon House is in the background.


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