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A “Tara Needs You” -flyer from the Tara Solidarity Vigil re building of M3 Motorway June 9, 2011

From possibly 2006 a flyer for the vigil and demo in opposition to the building of the Motorway (Route of the motorway) at Tara through an ancient and historically important landscape.
After much protest the Motorway was signed off by Dick Roche the day before The Green Party went into government. The Greens had opposed the route of the Motorway.
Many thanks to the sender.



CHASE -Cork Harbour Alliance For a Safe Environment anti Incineration Leaflet 2007 GE October 9, 2010

From the 2007 General Election a Leaflet produced by CHASE (Cork Harbour Alliance For a Safe Environment). The message was to
Vote only for candidates with No Incineration In their Party Policies
It details the possible impact on Cork harbour and its environs of Incineration as well as cost factors associated with it.



‘A Voice For Donnybrook’ -Tom Crilly, Angie Murphy -Workers Party- 1991 Local Elections August 25, 2010

From the 1991 Local Elections a Leaflet from Workers Party Candidates Tom Crilly and Angie Murphy running in the Pembroke Ward. Crilly polled 486 votes and Murphy polled 321 votes, neither were elected.
The leaflet is interesting in that it is very Green and in some respects ahead of the Greens at the time. For instance regarding water
“... We have campaigned for improved water catchment process, an integrated reservoir system, upgrading of mains…
Amongst other items mentioned are Smokeless coal, Tenants rights and the lack of recycling facilities.
We also learn that ‘the average house price in Dublin is a staggering £63,000‘.



Seize BP posters and Flyers -2010 Gulf oil spill May 24, 2010

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Not Irish but of Interest. An American environmental group seize BP who are looking for the US government to seize all BPs assets in response to the horrendous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. .



John Gormley ‘Its time.’ -Green Party -2007 GE Dublin South East January 21, 2010

Green Party leader John Gormleys leaflet from the 2007 General Election.

“We’ll deliver…
…24 Hour health centres and more acute hospital beds…
…2,400 extra teachers to reduce class sizes…



Sean Dublin Bay Loftus 1992 GE October 1, 2009

A request came in for more Sean DBL…. This is from the 1992 General election.
Sean Dublin Bay Loftus (also known briefly as Sean Dublin Bay Rockhall Loftus), was elected to the Dail on just the one occasion in June 1981. He lost his seat 8 months later at the Feb 1982 election (maybe that’s why he has “A Fixed Statutory Dail term of 5 years” in his manifesto) . He Stood in Dublin North Central.
Sean isn’t in favour of Coalitions…. instead he favours that the major party does a deal with a bunch of Community Candidates rather than say The Labour Party! …
Plenty of other decent and interesting policies also. To see a proposal 20 years ago that would fit today…
Reduction in Number of TDs and A Politicians Pay Freeze.
An Abortion Referendum was held on the same day as the 1992 Election and Sean was very much ‘Pro-Life’, he advocates a No vote.



John Gormley 1997- “A leader for our times” September 12, 2009

At this stage from the policies the Greens had moved to a more practical viewpoint.  The 1997 election is also when Gormley first won a Dail seat.

What I love about this though is that it includes gushing quotes from the media , “A leader for our times” is good but the best in hindsight has to be  “Gormley has been credited with much of the Greens success” ….. and maybe their demise?


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