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Leaflet from Bill Tormey -Fine Gael -2011 Seanad Elections September 11, 2013

From the 2011 Seanad Elections a leaflet from Bill Tormey of Fine Gael who was running for a seat on the Cultural and Educational panel. In the leaflet we learn that he is the only Fine Gael public rep for vast areas of Dublin North West  and that he is a health campaigner. There is no mention of Reform or Seanad abolition. Instead it also focuses on his loyalty to Fine Gael (He stood in a number of elections for Labour and a number also as an Independent before finding his home in Fine Gael).



“Your Vote Counts” and other Election Leaflet cliches -Bill Tormey -Fine Gael -2007 GE Dublin North West May 29, 2011

A 2007 General Election leaflet from Fine Gael candidate Bill Tormey running in Dublin North West. Former Labour man Tormey polled 3,083 votes and didn’t win a seat. Dr Bill , a Shamrock Rovers Fan, uses a fair few Election Leaflet cliches in the leaflet…… “They Say its going to be close”, “There is only one way to change the Government This Thursday”, “Your Vote Counts” and other cliches



“Dr Bill – He’s on your side” -Bill Tormey-Independent -1997 General Election Dublin North West August 20, 2010

In 1997 and even now Dr Bill was Dr Bill Tormey as opposed to Dr Bill Cullen. Tormey now a Fine Gael councillor had prior to being Independent, been a Labour Party candidate. (Dr Bill at
A Shamrock Rovers Fan of longstanding, Bill is a specialist in chemical pathology and general internal medicine and a consultant in Beaumont and Connolly hospitals. He is tipped by many to take a seat at the next General Election for Fine Gael.
Amongst the issues mentioned in the Flyer are The Port Tunnel, Water Charges and Residential Property Tax, the development of the New Town in Ballymun and Jobs.



Dr Bill Tormey -Independent- Dublin North West 1997 November 28, 2009

The original ‘Dr Bill’. Bill Tormey, regarded as ‘outspoken’, has been a candidate for the Labour Party, stood as an Independent Labour candidate, stood as an Indpendent and is now a Fine Gael councillor. He’s also a Shamrock Rovers fan!



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