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Leaflet from Helen Lahert -Democratic Left -1992 General Election -Dublin North Central September 7, 2015

From the 1992 General Election a leaflet from Helen Lahert of the Democratic Left who was running in Dublin North Central. She polled 1376 votes and missed out on a seat.
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“My Contract with The Northside” -Helen Lahert -Democratic Left -1997 Election Dublin North Central October 19, 2010

From the 1997 General Election a Leaflet for Democratic Left candidate Helen Lahert running in Dublin North Central. She polled 1,194 votes and failed to win a seat. She had also stood in 1992.
In the leaflet she outlines her ‘Contract with The Northside’ which included the founding of a ‘Northside Taskforce‘. There was also a “Ten Point Plan For A Better Northside“.
The Democratic Left was part of the Rainbow Coalition, interestingly enough she asks for a number 2 for Labours Derek McDowell and vote 3 an FG candidate of your choice.
Helen Lahert



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