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From 1997 “Ireland’s Economy” -Labour Party leaflet outlining Economic growth, Consumption, GNP, Unemployment etc November 11, 2011

From the 1997 General Election campaign a leaflet from The Labour Party “Ireland’s Economy”. It contains all sorts of economic stats from the time such as Economic growth, Consumption, GNP, Unemployment etc with graphs illustrating improvements under the Rainbow Coalition.



“See the difference -You can check the record” -Richard Bruton 1997 Election Leaflet with the Rainbow Governments record January 1, 2011

From the 1997 General Election a glossy leaflet produced by Fine Gael candidate Richard Bruton with details of the Rainbow Governments achievements. It was illustrated at both the National and The local level. It gives an idea of where we were at in 1997 and how in hindsight it was an awful pity that the Rainbow government was not returned.
The outgoing Minister for Enterprise and Employment was easily elected.



“My Contract with The Northside” -Helen Lahert -Democratic Left -1997 Election Dublin North Central October 19, 2010

From the 1997 General Election a Leaflet for Democratic Left candidate Helen Lahert running in Dublin North Central. She polled 1,194 votes and failed to win a seat. She had also stood in 1992.
In the leaflet she outlines her ‘Contract with The Northside’ which included the founding of a ‘Northside Taskforce‘. There was also a “Ten Point Plan For A Better Northside“.
The Democratic Left was part of the Rainbow Coalition, interestingly enough she asks for a number 2 for Labours Derek McDowell and vote 3 an FG candidate of your choice.
Helen Lahert



Brendan Brady -Fine Gael -1997 Dublin North West January 26, 2010

Fine Gael candidate Brendan Brady from the 1997 General Election where he failed to win a seat in Dublin North West.
Brendan writes “… The Country has had its fair share of Fianna Fail Governments and the people have had enough of Golden Circles and scandals…” yet it was Fianna Fail that were voted in.



Liz McManus -Democratic Left- Wicklow-1997 GE January 13, 2010

Liz McManus, Minister for Housing and Urban Renewal, from the 1997 General Election in Wicklow. The Democratic Left produced leaflets in this style for each candidate, all pictured walking purposefully, often by the sea. Here Liz walks on Bray seafront.
It has praising quotes about the candidate from newspapers . The achievements both in Wicklow and Nationally of The Rainbow government are listed. Amongst them  ‘Tour De France 1998 for Wicklow’



“Partnership That Works” -Rainbow Coalition Flyer 1997 election September 23, 2009

This is a joint document from the 1997 Rainbow Government. Highly unusual that 3 parties have a joint platform for an Irish General election. For the odd referendum you may find a common leaflet but certainly for a General Election its fairly Unique.

Their 21 goals for the 21st Century are spelt out as are their achievements in Government to date. Some nice poses from the three party leaders too.



1997 Rainbow Government- “Partnership Works” slogan

In 1997 the Rainbow government went to the country looking for a new term. It was an already agreed joint platform which is highly
unusual. Each party had a ‘Partnership works’ slogan on their literature asking voters to continue their preferences to other
Government parties.
They also produced a joint policy document. And some joint election material.
In previous times Fine Gael/Labour had on occassion asked voters to continue preferences to the other party. At times it was unrequited as Fine Gael asked , but Labour didn’t. Indeed there are examples here where Fine Gael asked for Transfers to Labour where no Labour Party candidate stood.


Democratic Left 1997 Manifesto- ‘Make The Future Work’ September 18, 2009

A well produced booklet for the 1997 General Election. The Democratic Left had been in government for the previous 3 years as part of the Rainbow Coalition.



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