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Letter and article from Gerry Adams to Sinn Fein 2014 Local Elections Candidate December 29, 2016

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A Letter with an accompanying article from Gerry Adams to a Sinn Fein 2014 Local Elections Candidate. The article first appeared in Village magazine in 2005 and is on “Candidatitis”.
Many thanks to the sender



September 1983 edition of the UDA newsletter ‘Ulster’ October 25, 2015

The September 1983 edition of the Ulster Defence Association newsletter ‘Ulster’ which is in uploaded in pdf form.
Among the items covered are Anti Segregation protests, threats to criminals from the UDA, plenty of small pieces about Gerry Adams and Cardinal O’Fiach, a piece on Rose Harvey and Dominic McGlinchey.
Click on the image to launch in pdf


“Vote for Real Change” 1998 Assembly Elections letter from Gerry Adams to Belfast Voters October 23, 2014

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From the 1998 Assembly Elections campaign a letter to Belfast voters from Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams.



” ‘Sinn Fein Winning seats would worry me’ -Thatcher ..Give Her a Headache.. Vote Adams” Poster January 6, 2014

From , I think, the 1983 Westminster Elections a Sinn Fein poster for Gerry Adams running in West Belfast.
” ‘Sinn Fein Winning seats would worry me’ -Thatcher ..Give Her a Headache.. Vote Adams”
Many thanks to the sender.



Leaflet from Gerry Adams -Sinn Fein -Louth February 25, 2011

From the 2011 General Election campaign  a leaflet from Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams who is running in Louth.




“He Cannot Change His Spots” – “Vote No To Gerry Adams” February 21, 2011

More anti Gerry Adams material from Louth…
The sender notes

a poster printed by John V. Lennon one of Cork’s
most notorious eccentrics, who has a long history in political life
and public speaking, He was involved in campaigning for Michael D.
Higgins in the early days, both having gone to UCG. You are also
probably familiar with Bernie Murphy getting elected to Cork City
Council, which Lennon orchestrated. This week Lennon is going to Louth
to speak against Gerry Adams running for election, he is going to put
these posters up around the place as part of it. He spoke against
Adams before in UCC Philosophical Society in 1984 after which Adams
refused to shake his hand, which was a novel change. Lennon won the
debate in question by over 300 votes to 5.


Flyer for Gerry Adams -Sinn Fein -West Belfast 2005 January 18, 2011

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First off many thanks to the sender.
From the 2005 Westminster Elections a flyer for Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams running in West Belfast. Adams topped the poll with over 70% of the vote.



Tony Flannery- Sinn Fein -Dublin Mid West 2002 GE July 5, 2010

From the 2002 General Election a leaflet from Sinn Fein Candidate Tony Flannery running in Dublin Mid West. He polled 1,855 votes.
There is a confidence in the message from Gerry Adams that Sinn Fein were about to make a massive breakthrough. They won 5 seats in 2002, a gain of 4.


Flyer for Gerry Adams- 1998 Assembly Elections -West Belfast May 29, 2010

A Sinn Fein Flyer from the 1998 Assembly Elections in West Belfast.
The Sinn Fein candidate are Gerry Adams ,Bairbre de Brún , Alec Maskey, Sue Ramsey and Michael Ferguson



Gerry Adams -West Belfast 2010 Westminister Elections April 26, 2010

From the 2010 Westminster Elections, An election leaflet for Sinn Fein Leader Gerry Adams. There is a profile of Gerry Adams as well as a message from himself. The achievements of Sinn Fein in government are listed, as well as those by each Sinn Fein Minister.
Martin McGuinness has overseen capital expenditure projects like the new hospital in Enniskillen…
Conor Murphy has moved to increase investment in public transport….
Michelle Gildernew has bought in 7 million investment for small family farms…
Cairriona Ruane has done what others for decades spoke about doing-ending the 11 plus ….
Gerry Kelly has taken the lead in ensuring an advocate for elderly people….

Many thanks to the sender.




Sinn Fein Leaflet from the 1998 Assembly Elections

A Sinn Fein Leaflet from the 1998 Assembly Elections. The referendum on the Good Friday Agreement had been passed a month earlier.
We have pictures of Gerry Adams with Bill Clinton and with Bertie Ahern. There is a confidence in the wording.
Amongst the items in the leaflet, Sinn Fein were ….

‘working to ensure … the right of Irish citizens in the north to:-

-Send representatives to Leinster House.
-Vote in Presidential elections.
-Vote in Referendums.’

many thanks to the donor



‘Towards Good Government’ (aka No Terrorists in Government) -TUV Election Newsletter 2010 April 16, 2010

From Jim Allisters Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) a leaflet entitled ‘Towards Good Government’ , which translates as No Terrorists in Government. The other theme ‘aren’t the DUP delighted with themselves being in Office with Sinn Fein’.
I got sent this (many thanks) and whilst its full of words it’s the pictures that tell the story.
We have Ian Paisley snr whispering into the ears of an amused Martin McGuinness. Peter Robinson laughing with Martin McGuinness.
Jeffrey Donaldson having a laugh with Gerry Kelly. Ian Paisley Junior with both Kelly and McGuinness. The best though must be Ian Paisley Junior ‘joyriding’
with ‘convicted terrorist’ Conor Murphy.
Finally we have pictures of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, Adams with Alex Maskey up against Riot Police (not unlike Unionists at Drumcree) and Martin McGuinness at an Republican Funeral.



Christy Burke with Gerry Adams – 1997 Dublin Central November 11, 2009

‘Give me your support by voting Christy Burke number 1 on polling day’  writes Gerry Adams. Adams was incredibly popular at the time.
The leaflet also illustrates the role Christy Burke played in Sinn Fein at the time. Amongst other things it mentions that he stood in the 1996 Forum elections.





Sinn Fein Recruitment Leaflet circa 1995 September 10, 2009

The 1994 IRA Ceasefire (which lasted 17 months) after a while saw the launch of a new recruitment drive by Sinn Fein.

This leaflet is from that period where Sinn Fein saw the first of the ‘Peace Dividend’ in the Local Elections of 1995.




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