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“Derry 1968: how the left failed” -Dublin Spartacist Youth Group 1979 November 8, 2018

From a publication produced by The Dublin Spartacist Youth Group a reprint of a 1979 piece “Derry 1968: how the left failed” which I’ve uploaded in pdf format here


From 1990 “Dublin Spartacist Youth Group Launched” October 3, 2018

Reprinted from a 1990 issue of Workers Hammer the news that “Dublin Spartacist Youth Group Launched” outlining why there was the need for the group.



“Democratic Rights” 1988 Pamphlet from the Communist Party of Ireland March 25, 2018

From 1988 A communist Party of Ireland Discussion Pamphlet ” Democratic Rights” outlining a History of the Troubles and the solution of the CPI .

I have scanned and uploaded it here in pdf format


Spartacist Ireland No 3 Spring/Summer 2003 March 3, 2018

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Spartacist Ireland No 3 Spring/Summer 2003 produced by Spartacist Group Ireland. Pieces on Bloody Sunday, Iraq, North Korea, Magdalene Laundries.
I’ve scanned and uploaded it in pdf here


Oct 1969 edition of “Young Worker” -Young Communist Group in Cork February 7, 2018

The October 1969 edition of “Young Worker” published by A Young Communist Group in Cork , who were affiliated with the ICO, (Irish Communist Organisation). Included are pieces on James Connollys activities in Cork, An INteresting Historical Analysis of The Republican Movement , a critique of a Marxist-Leninist group “Irish Revolutionary Youth”, pieces on Health and Agriculture.
I’ve scanned and uploaded it in pdf format here


“Free, Safe And Legal” Leaflet from People Before Profit January 18, 2018

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“Free, Safe And Legal: Now Let’s Go Win The Repeal Referendum” Leaflet from People Before Profit


“How Do We Achieve A United Ireland?” Article from People Before Profit West Belfast News January 17, 2018

From the Winter 2017 edition of the “People Before Profit West Belfast News” paper an article “How Do We Achieve A United Ireland?” which is an abridged version of a speech given by Kieran Allen in Waterford. An interesting read.
Many thanks to the sender.


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