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Labour Report to National Conference 1991 – 1993 April 10, 2017

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Labour Report to National Conference 1991 – 1993 , which is an interesting publication listing almost everything to do with the party in that period. I’ve uploaded it in pdf format here as it’s 66 pages long


1992 Dick Spring Speech on “Abortion and The Right To Life” February 23, 2017

From a 1993 Group of The Party Of European Socialists publication of “A Collection of Speeches Of Dick Spring” (in pdf format) a Speech on “Abortion and The Right To Life” from the 1992 Abortion Referendum Campaign which was held in the initial aftermath of the X-Case. It’s still highly relevant today. Click on the image or the link.



“Maastricht- Ireland in the Community” leaflet from Labour February 16, 2017

A leaflet produced by The Labour Party and The Socialist Group European Parliament explaining the Maastricht treaty , what it was , it’s benefits and challenges for Ireland. It has pieces by Barry Desmond, Dick Spring and Niamh Bhreathnach.
Many thanks to the sender.



“Penalising the sick is obscene!” from Labour November 1982 July 26, 2016

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From the November 1982 General Election, “Penalising the sick is obscene!” an ad that appeared in the Evening Press at the time.
Many thanks to the sender.


Leaflet from Johnny Commane, Maeve Spring- Labour -Tralee – 1999 Local Elections July 22, 2016

From the 1999 Local Elections a leaflet from Johnny Commane and Maeve Spring running for Labour in Tralee. The leaflet also has a message from Dick Spring as well as a message asking voters to back Paula Desmond in the European Elections. Maeve Spring was elected.
Many thanks to the sender.



Leaflet from Dick Spring -Labour- Kerry North- November 1982 General Election July 23, 2013

From the November 1982 General Election a flyer from then Labour Party leader Dick Spring running in Kerry North.
Many thanks to the sender.




From 1992 “An Important Message from Dick Spring to Dublin Families” March 6, 2011

From the 1992 General Election , The Spring Tide, “An Important Message from Dick Spring to Dublin Families”. The leaflet hit out at Fianna Fail lies.
It also shows how highly regarded by the electorate Dick Spring was at the time. By that it was a message from Dick Spring as opposed to a message from The Labour Party.
Interestingly enough he says that “Labour has NO plans to introduce a new property or house tax”


Ruairi Quinn Leaflet -1992 General Election -Dublin South East September 29, 2010

From the 1992 General Election a leaflet from Labour candidate in Dublin South East Ruairi Quinn. Quinn polled 10,381 votes and was elected on the first count with well over a quota.
On the front of the leaflet is Ruairi Quinn with Dick Spring and a nice message from Spring.
On the inside is a critique of the FF/PD government. There were 300,000 unemployed. Major Property Owners and farmers were amongst those that Labour wanted to pay their ‘Fair Share’ in Tax.



From 1993 Labour ‘Working For You In Government’ leaflet June 23, 2010

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From 1993 Labour ‘Working For You In Government’ leaflet. In a coalition government with Fianna Fail, Labour was ‘Putting its Programme for Change into Action’.
The leaflet details what had been done such as the introduction of the May Day holiday. The Childrens allowance was £20.
House building in 1993 was up to 3,700 from 2,800 in 1992.
The restriction on RTEs advertising Revenue had been lifted and lots more.
Aside from Dick Springs message on the front of the leaflet we also have a message from Jim Kemmy on the back with a form to fill out.



“Let’s Make Ireland Work” – Labour Party 1992 ‘Spring Tide’ Election. February 8, 2010

An election flyer from The Labour Party in the 1992 General Election Campaign. With Dick Spring so popular the slogan is smaller and the picture of Dick dominates the page.
Looking back quite a few of the aims were done between 1992 and 1997.



Labour -Yes to Divorce 1986 September 24, 2009

This is from the 1986 Divorce Referendum. The Yes side had the simple argument of recognising when a marriage had broken down and giving people a second chance. The No side had legal, moral and other arguements against. As Far as I’m aware Fine Gael whilst in favour of the referendum didn’t officially campaign. Labour were the only major party advocating a Yes vote.



“Partnership That Works” -Rainbow Coalition Flyer 1997 election September 23, 2009

This is a joint document from the 1997 Rainbow Government. Highly unusual that 3 parties have a joint platform for an Irish General election. For the odd referendum you may find a common leaflet but certainly for a General Election its fairly Unique.

Their 21 goals for the 21st Century are spelt out as are their achievements in Government to date. Some nice poses from the three party leaders too.



Frank Cluskey – Labour- European Elections 1984 September 15, 2009

Former Leader of the Labour Party Frank Cluskeys literature from the 1984 Euro Elections. In 1991 after losing his Dail seat (and the leadership of Labour) Frank  had been co-opted to the European Parliament, to replace Michael O’Leary (who replaced him as leader of the Labour Party) . O’Leary resigned as Party Leader just over a year later (and joined Fine Gael) and was replaced by Dick Spring. Cluskey resigned from government in 1983 over a point of principle regarding Dublin Gas.

It is Spring who gives the leaders message on the main leaflet. That Leaflet (which is hard to read in its original, never mind scanned- but worth the effort) gives an idea of the European issues of the time and Labour dont appear to keen on the European Community in it. The ‘ A Realistic View of Europe” part of the document was quite an eye opener. “..Labour warned the people in 1972 of the harsh realities of Community membership…..” etc



Fianna Fail 1992 -‘Hard Labour’ leaflet. September 13, 2009

A pre election Attack by an Albert led Fianna Fail on future coalition partners Labour.  They attacked Labour a lot during that campaign… they must have seen the ‘Spring Tide’ coming.


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