Irish Election Literature

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From 2004 “Bin Charges … Don’t let the Council scrap the waiver” -Limerick Socialist Party February 16, 2012

From December 2004 an anti Bin tax leaflet from the limerick branch of The Socialist party advertising a protest on Tuesday 21st December that year.



Mick Murphy Manifesto -Socialist Party – Dublin South West 2002 General Election July 6, 2010

From 2002 The Socialist Party Manifesto from candidate Mick Murphy running in Dublin South West. Despite high hopes (having polled over 2000 votes in 1997) Murphy polled 954 votes.



‘Fianna Fail Are Criminals, Drink Drivers & Tax Cheats’ Poster – Working Class Action 2003 June 22, 2010

A ‘Fianna Fail Are Criminals, Drink Drivers & Tax Cheats’ Poster from 2003 produced by Working Class Action (WCA).
These posters were produced in reaction to Bertie Ahern stating that people who opposed the bin Tax were ‘Spongers’.
They appeared all over Dublin at the time, although many were allegedly torn down (possibly FF or indeed souvenir hunters).
Working Class Action were a Left Wing Dublin based campaign group. They were active in the Anti Bin Tax campaign. Amongst those involved in Working Class Action were Cieran Perry who was elected to Dublin City Council in 2009 and Joe Mooney. Both stood in the 2004 Local Elections.


Brid Smith -Socialist Workers Party -2002 GE Dublin South-Central February 1, 2010

Brid Smith, The People Before Profit Alliance candidate for Dublin Mayor, from the 2002 General Election where she stood for the Socialist Workers Party. She got 617 votes in Dublin South Central.
In 2009 she was elected easily to Dublin City Council for the Ballyfermot Drimnagh ward.
In 2002 The Bin Tax was the main issue. We see that at that stage the Tribunals had cost more that 60 million too (and how many corrupt politicians were jailed?).
The proposed incinerator (in Poolbeg) and its viability without being subsidised by the householder is mentioned also.



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