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Flyer for Avril Doyle, Alan Gillis -Fine Gael -1999 European Elections Leinster June 18, 2011

From the 1999 European Elections a flyer for Fine Gael candidates Avril Doyle and Alan Gillis. Gillis an ex president of the IFA was a sitting MEP having won the seat in 1994. Doyle an ex TD for Wexford won a seat as Gillis lost his.
Doyle was returned again in 2004 and retired at the 2009 European Elections.


“Put Real Talent In Europe” -John Dardis -Progressive Democrats- 1989 Euro Elections Leinster April 3, 2011

“Put Real Talent In Europe” writes Dessie O’Malley as he extols the virtues of John Dardis and The Progressive Democrats on this leaflet from the 1989 European Elections in the Leinster constituency. The Kildare based Dardis polled 31,623 (8.9%) votes but failed to win a seat.
In the aftermath of this election (held on the same day as a General Election) He was Nominated to the Seanad by then Taoiseach Charles Haughey. He was elected to the Seanad twice subsequently and was again a Taoiseachs nominee to the seanad in 2002.
He stood 3 times for the Dail without success.



“EEC Means Jobs Out, Imports In” -Kevin Dunphy -Sinn Fein 1989 European Elections Leinster February 27, 2011

From the 1989 European Elections a leaflet from Kevin Dunphy one of the three Sinn Fein candidates running in the Leinster constituency. Of the three he polled the highest with 4,534 votes. Pearse McGeough polled 3001 and Terry Moore polled 2424 votes.
The leaflet was the first about the EEC and its effects. It compared the situation in 1973 with that of 1988 and the impact that membership of The EEC had on Ireland.
many thanks to the sender.



Michael Enright , Catherine Murphy -The Workers Party -1989 European Elections Leinster January 5, 2011

From the 1989 European Elections a leaflet from the Workers Party candidates Wexford Councillor Michael Enright and Kildare based Town Councillor Catherine Murphy.
In the “Action Plan For Leinster” Forestry, Peatlands , ‘Reorganisation of agricultural production’ and the massive mineral resources at Navan are amongst the items mentioned.
The inside of the leaflet is almost totally EC focused.
There were high hopes that both Michael Enright and Catherine Murphy could put down a marker for future Dail progress. A General election was held on the same day and it was hoped that their candidacy in the Euro Elections would give them a boost.
Although the Workers Party vote increased from 1984s Euro Election, both candidates lost their deposits with a combined 4.38% of the vote.
In the General election Enrights vote actually fell, whilst Murphys 1,520 vote was decent enough in the circumstances (An ‘Army Wives’ candidate, Carol Tiernan also stood in Kildare polling 2,690 votes, some of which would have gone to Murphy).



From 1979- Labour Party ‘Victory Dinner’ in honour of Liam Kavanagh Menu with Toasts and Autographs August 22, 2010

First off man thanks to the sender. A Charming item.
From 1979 a Menu for the Labour Party Victory dinner held in honour of the election of Wicklow TD Liam Kavanagh to the European Parliament.
Amongst the menu are some delights such as Grapefruit Marachino and Brussels Sprouts Chateau (presumably in honour of the new Job in Brussels).
There is also a list of Toasts, proposed by various luminaries such as Michael O’Leary, Brendan Halligan and Justin Keating.
On the back of the Menu there was a page for autographs.
This one has Brendan Halligans, Liam Kavanaghs and another which is difficult to identify.



Paddy Lalor -Fianna Fail -1989 European Elections Leinster April 20, 2010

From the 1989 European Elections Campaign (the European Elections were held on the same day as a Genneral Election) outgoing Fianna Fail MEP Paddy Lalor. Paddy Lalor topped the poll.
A TD for over 20 years and a Minister 3 times, Paddy Lalor was also member of the last Laois team to win the Leinster Senior Hurling Championship in 1949. He Served from 1979 to 1994 in the European Parliament.



Sean Butler -Labour Party -1999 European Elections Leinster March 30, 2010

From the 1999 European Elections in Leinster the Labour candidate Sean Butler. He polled 38,112 votes and missed out on being elected.



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