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Leaflet from Josepha Madigan -Fine Gael -Stillorgan – 2014 Local Elections January 22, 2014

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A leaflet for Josepha Madigan who is running for Fine Gael in the Stillorgan LEA for a seat on Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.
She is a daughter of former Councillor Paddy Madigan.
The candidates Facebook Campaign page
On Twitter @josephamadigan



Canvass Card from Paddy Madigan- Fianna Fail -1985 Local Elections- Blackrock November 14, 2013

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From the 1985 Local Elections a canvass card from Fianna Fail Blackrock candidate Paddy Madigan. He Polled 1121 votes and was elected.


Paddy Madigan -Fianna Fail -1991 Local Elections- Blackrock September 7, 2010

From the 1991 Local Elections in the Blackrock Ward a leaflet for Fianna Fail candidate Paddy Madigan. Madigan was elected.
Madigan subsequently left Fianna Fail and stood as an Independent in the 1994 European Elections and 1997 General Election.
Note his high court challenge against the Property Tax. …. Paddy Madigan is a great grand nephew of Mayo man James Daly,  a co-founder of the Land League with Michael Davitt. Daly was appointed the first secretary of the Land League in 1879.
James Daly on Wikipedia



Fianna Fail -Sean Lemass Cumann-Deansgrane Spring 1990 Newsletter August 26, 2010

From 1990 a local Newsletter produced by the Fianna Fail Sean Lemass Cumann in Deansgrange.
A lot of very local issues are covered as well as details of how to become a member and of a lot of Fianna Fails Dun Laoghaire representatives of the time.



Anne Brady, Michael Cotter, Paddy Madigan -Fianna Fail -Blackrock 1985 LE March 3, 2010

From the 1985 Local Elections, The Fianna Fail candidates for Blackrock Anne Brady, Michael Cotter and Paddy Madigan. As far as I’m aware Anne Brady and Paddy Madigan were elected. Paddy Madigan was elected again in 1991. He then fell out with Fianna Fail (or they fell out with him) somewhere along the way and ran as an Independent in the 1994 European Elections and the 1997 General Election.
Michael Cotter ran again in 1991 and failed to win a seat. He is a Lecturer/ Academic in DCU.
Anne Brady a councillor since 1979 lost her seat in the 1991 Elections.



Paddy Madigan-Independent -1997 Dun Laoghaire December 29, 2009

Former Fianna Fail Councillor Paddy Madigan from the 1997 General Election where he stood as an Independent in Dunn Laoghaire. He had also stood as an Independent in the 1994 European Elections. He polled 1082 votes.



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