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Tim O’Malley – Progressive Democrat -1998 Limerick East By-election October 24, 2009

Tim O’Malley’s first Dail attempt in the 1998 Limerick East By-Election , caused by the death of Jim Kemmy. In a constituency where a year earlier they had held two seats, O’Malley polled 4,287 (10%) votes.




Tom Stafford “He’s a true blue” – Fianna Fail 1985 LE October 23, 2009

This is a tiny card from Tom Stafford in the 1985 local elections campaign. Its not often Candidates write their message in verse.


Peter Considine, Raymond Greene, Josie Nevin-Fianna Fail – Ennis 1991 LEA October 22, 2009

Fianna Fail -Ennis 1991 LEA.
Just a simple card that would have been handed out on a canvass or at the polling station.
For the record Greene and Considine were elected.


20 Questions to Feargal Quinn- Seanad leaflet 1997 October 21, 2009

Feargal Quinn answers 20 questions….. Question is did he set the questions himself? 




John Ryan- Democratic Left- Limerick East By Election 1998

John Ryan from the 1998 Limerick East By-election (Caused by the death of Jim Kemmy). It took place on the 11th March along with the Dublin North By-election. As far as I’m aware it was the last day the name Democratic Left appeared on an Irish ballot paper.
The By-Election was won by Labours Jan O’Sullivan. Fianna Fail only got 23% of the vote.
John Ryan had been elected to Limerick Corporation in 1991 as a Workers Party candidate and there were hopes that he would build a substantial base from that.
Here we have testaments about Ryan from ‘Limerick people’ and also from the Parties top table.



Tim O’Brien -Independent Socialist Dublin North 1997 September 18, 2009

From the 1997 General Election, running in Dublin North Independent Socialist Tim O’Brien. Tim O’Brien polled 376 votes and failed to be elected.
Here he lists religious figures, Peter McVerry, Sister Stan and Sean Healy as influences



‘Futureline’ -Young FG magazine July 1992 September 14, 2009

Futureline, the Young Fine Gael magazine in 1992. Young Fine Gael are delighted with themselves at the Yes vote for Maastricht and the fact that they campaigned during the exam season. Also contains a report of a questions and answers session with John Bruton. in Maynooth .

Interesting to note that  the event was chaired by (The now Sunday Independent Jouralist ) John Drennan the chairperson of the Young Fine Gael, Maynooth College branch.

Some lovely images too of the Summer Bar-B-Que on the back page with Brian Hayes amongst others looking as if hes enjoying himself.  Others pictured include Stephen Rea, Colm Brophy,Karen Bailey, Tim Wray and John Mullins,Wonder are many of them still involved?



Alan Shatter ‘TIME’ magazine 2009 September 13, 2009

From 2009 a leaflet from Alan Shatter. As usual with Shatter there’s an eye catching theme that makes it look like something else. He has done ones in the style of Star Trek and X-Factor amongst other things previously.

Mind you €50 to celebrate 25 years of representing Dublin South is a bit steep.




John Gormley 1997- “A leader for our times” September 12, 2009

At this stage from the policies the Greens had moved to a more practical viewpoint.  The 1997 election is also when Gormley first won a Dail seat.

What I love about this though is that it includes gushing quotes from the media , “A leader for our times” is good but the best in hindsight has to be  “Gormley has been credited with much of the Greens success” ….. and maybe their demise?


Adrian Hardiman, Elizabeth Gregan, Betty Coffey,William Harvey- Fianna Fail 1985 LE Dun Laoghaire September 11, 2009

From the 1985 local elections in Dun Laoghaire, Adrian Hardiman, Elizabeth Gregan, Betty Coffey and William Harvey all running for Fianna Fail.
The Adrian Hardiman is the now Judge Adrian Hardiman that was standing for Fianna Fail and who later had connections with the PDs.
(Theres quite a number of our current judiciary such as Pat McCartan, George Bermingham, Henry Abbott and Michael White who have also put themselves before the electorate in the past)


Leaflet from Joe Higgins- Socialist Party – 1999 European Elections

Some of Joe’s literature from the 1999 Euros. If only we’d listened to him about “The outlawing of speculation in building land and profiteering in the housing market….”  .

Its a sign of the times too that Joe wouldn’t be mentioning ‘GM foods’ much these days.



Sean Kelly 1997 – Not the usual political portrait….

Normally candidates look happy , sometimes even serious as they try to project some form of gravitas from their pictures.  They may even wear a fancy outfit or shiny suit . The airbrush is common as when some candidates call to the door they look a different person to that in the poster or flyer pictures…..

Not so Sean Kelly who stood as an Independent in Dublin South Central in the 1997 General Election. Sean, is not the height of fashion , looks more than grumpy and the dog doesn’t look thrilled to bits either.

He polled 125 votes.


Baby Faced Michael Martin, Batt O’Keefe, John Dennehy,Barry Cogan- Fianna Fail- Cork South Central 1987

This is from 1987 with a baby faced Michael Martin and a young Batt O’Keefe.

Result from

Click image for larger version.


From 1992 Albert Reynolds led Fianna Fails “Six Point Plan For National Progress”

From the 1992 General Election, The Six Point Plan For National Progress, produced by the Albert Reynolds Led Fianna Fail.



Mary Daly – Natural Law Party -1992 Dublin South Central

The Natural Law Party stood in Irish Elections (both North and South) during the 1990s. The attraction of solving the worlds issues via Yogic Flying never caught on with the electorate. This is Mary Dalys leaflet from the 1992 General Election (Mary Daly on

Famously Paddy Seery of the NLP recieved 5 votes in the Birr Town Council elections of 1999, although had reached the grand total of 11 by the time he was eliminated.



Republican Sinn Fein- NO to The Good Friday Agreement and NO to Amsterdam

A leaflet from Republican Sinn Fein opposing The Amsterdam Treaty and The Good Friday Agreement. Links the push to open Croke Park to the Agreement as well as offending  Trinity College.  It also gives RSFs federal Ireland proposal as well as much much more.



Sinn Fein Recruitment Leaflet circa 1995 September 10, 2009

The 1994 IRA Ceasefire (which lasted 17 months) after a while saw the launch of a new recruitment drive by Sinn Fein.

This leaflet is from that period where Sinn Fein saw the first of the ‘Peace Dividend’ in the Local Elections of 1995.




Barnes, Barrett, Cosgrave -Fine Gael -Dun Laoghaire November 1982

Monica Barnes, Sean Barrett and Liam Cosgrave running for Fine Gael in the November 1982 General Election in Dun Laoghaire. All three were elected as Fine Gael took 3 seats, Barry Desmond a seat for Labour and David Andrews a seat for Fianna Fail.

The candidates pictures haven’t changed since Feb either, indeed some candidates used the same pictures for the three elections that were in quick succession.That Barnes, Barrett, Cosgrave ticket ran for five successive elections for Fine Gael in Dun Laoghaire. They all stood in the 1981 General election too, but Aine Elliot was also on the ticket.

Click on the images to enlarge.


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