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“Leave Our Kids Alone!” 2010 leaflet from the Green Party January 17, 2017

“Leave Our Kids Alone!” a 2010 leaflet from John Gormely of the Green Party blaming ,then Government partners, Fianna Fail for various Education Cuts and that the Green Party was responsible for reinstating a number of items.
Many thanks to the sender.



“Why the Green Party called this election” -Letter from John Gormley -Green Party- Dublin South East February 11, 2011

A letter from John Gormley (via Dail Envelope) to a constituent on “Why the Green Party called this election”.
For a collector like myself its quite interesting in that it details the final days of the government and the lead up to the election. We also get a look back on some of the things the Greens managed to get done…. and finally we get an apology for previously writing that parking for the new Superquinn in Rathgar “…was available in Christchurch Presbyterian Church at the top of Highfield Road.”



John Gormley leaflet from the 1992 General Election Dublin South East February 5, 2011

From the 1992 General election a leaflet for now Green party leader John Gormley. Having been elected to the council a year previously he polled 2,476 votes which was actually down on his 1989 total.
He was elected in 1997.



‘Clean Politics’ John Gormley -Green Party -Dublin South East 2002 General Election May 21, 2010

From the 2002 General Election in Dublin South East a colourful leaflet from the now Green Party leader John Gormley.
The front being positive quotes about Gormley from various media.
Two pages of policy, some of which had been costed by the department of finance.
Finally on the back a profile of the candidate and photos of ‘Green Action’ which includes “John’s anti-incineration campaign”

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John Gormley ‘Its time.’ -Green Party -2007 GE Dublin South East January 21, 2010

Green Party leader John Gormleys leaflet from the 2007 General Election.

“We’ll deliver…
…24 Hour health centres and more acute hospital beds…
…2,400 extra teachers to reduce class sizes…



John Gormley 1997- “A leader for our times” September 12, 2009

At this stage from the policies the Greens had moved to a more practical viewpoint.  The 1997 election is also when Gormley first won a Dail seat.

What I love about this though is that it includes gushing quotes from the media , “A leader for our times” is good but the best in hindsight has to be  “Gormley has been credited with much of the Greens success” ….. and maybe their demise?


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