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Monica Barnes, Sean Barrett, Liam Cosgrave-Fine Gael -Dun Laoghaire Feb 1982 March 1, 2010

From the february 1982 General election in Dun Laoghaire. The Fine Gael candidates Monica Barnes, Sean Barrett and Liam Cosgrave. Sean Barrett and Liam Cosgrave were both elected.



Alan Dukes Led Fine Gael- Dun Laoghaire 1989 November 3, 2009

An Alan Dukes led Fine Gael in the 1989 General election. “Putting the Country First” was the Slogan. The Tallaght strategy is not mentioned by name but refered to as ‘The revolution of Consensus Politics’. The ‘Alan’ of his signature looks as if it may have a letter or two too many.

The familiar Barnes , Barrett, Cosgrave ticket was running for Fine Gael. Both Barnes and Barrett held their seats.




1997 Rainbow Government- “Partnership Works” slogan September 23, 2009

In 1997 the Rainbow government went to the country looking for a new term. It was an already agreed joint platform which is highly
unusual. Each party had a ‘Partnership works’ slogan on their literature asking voters to continue their preferences to other
Government parties.
They also produced a joint policy document. And some joint election material.
In previous times Fine Gael/Labour had on occassion asked voters to continue preferences to the other party. At times it was unrequited as Fine Gael asked , but Labour didn’t. Indeed there are examples here where Fine Gael asked for Transfers to Labour where no Labour Party candidate stood.


Barnes, Barrett, Cosgrave -Fine Gael -Dun Laoghaire November 1982 September 10, 2009

Monica Barnes, Sean Barrett and Liam Cosgrave running for Fine Gael in the November 1982 General Election in Dun Laoghaire. All three were elected as Fine Gael took 3 seats, Barry Desmond a seat for Labour and David Andrews a seat for Fianna Fail.

The candidates pictures haven’t changed since Feb either, indeed some candidates used the same pictures for the three elections that were in quick succession.That Barnes, Barrett, Cosgrave ticket ran for five successive elections for Fine Gael in Dun Laoghaire. They all stood in the 1981 General election too, but Aine Elliot was also on the ticket.

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‘He puts the Nation First’ -Fine Gael – Dun Laoghaire February 1982

From the second of the three elections held within 18 months a Fine Gael leaflet from Dun Laoghaire. The candidates were Monica Barnes, Liam Cosgrave and Sean Barrett.
‘He puts the Nation First’ was the slogan for that Election. In part a dig at Haughey.
The reasons surrounding the budget defeat are listed and Fine Gaels plans also.
‘Garret’ was also now on first name terms with the electorate. Since then…’Charlie’ ,’Bertie’ and not too many more.
Garrets message could apply almost word for word today.
Liam Cosgrave and Sean Barrett were both elected.

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