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1990 Leaflet for a RSF March For All-Ireland Democracy October 2, 2017

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From 1990 a leaflet for a Republican Sinn Fein March For All-Ireland Democracy from Mayo to Dublin ,with details of why they are doing the march on the reverse of the leaflet.
Many thanks to the sender.



Leaflet from Tomás Ó Curraoin – Republican Sinn Fein -Conamara -2014 Local Elections May 21, 2014

A leaflet from Tomás Ó Curraoin who is running for Republican Sinn Fein in Conamara. At present he is the partys only County Councillor.
Many thanks to the sender



Flyer from Padraig Garvey – Republican Sinn Fein -South and West Kerry -2014 Local Elections March 4, 2014

A flyer from Padraig Garvey who is running for Republican Sinn Fein in South and West Kerry for a seat on Kerry County Council.
Many thanks to the sender.



‘Iris Na Poblachta’ – November 1986 -Republican Sinn Fein -Ruairi O’Bradaigh June 5, 2013

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From November 1986 ‘Iris Na Poblachta’ a paper produced by the Ruairi O’Bradaiagh led Republican Sinn Fein. This issue is quite important as its the first issue post the Split and formation of Republican Sinn Fein. The leaflet gives details of the split and the reasons behind it as well as details of the founding of the party and the partys executive as well as other news from the time.

Many thanks to the sender.



Leaflet from Richard Behal -Independent -Kerry South -2011 General Election September 20, 2012

From the 2011 General Election, a leaflet for veteran Republican Richard Behal who was running in Kerry South. Behal polled 348 votes and missed out on a seat.



From 2006 a Republican Sinn Fein leaflet against the “Love Ulster” parade March 4, 2011

From 2006 a Republican Sinn Fein leaflet against the proposed “Love Ulster” parade. The march prompted riots in O’Connell Street and its vicinity.


“Defend Sovereignty, Neutrality,Democracy” – Republican Sinn Fein – No To Libon Leaflet October 19, 2010

From the Lisbon Treaty Referendum (first one I think) a leaflet urging a No Vote from Republican Sinn Fein.



Republican Sinn Fein -Vote NO to Lisbon February 19, 2010

One of Republican Sinn Feins Anti Lisbon leaflets from the 2009 Lisbon Referendum.



Republican Sinn Fein- NO to The Good Friday Agreement and NO to Amsterdam September 11, 2009

A leaflet from Republican Sinn Fein opposing The Amsterdam Treaty and The Good Friday Agreement. Links the push to open Croke Park to the Agreement as well as offending  Trinity College.  It also gives RSFs federal Ireland proposal as well as much much more.



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