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‘A Message from Mary Harney’-Stephen O’Byrnes -Progessive Democrats -1994 European Elections March 17, 2010

From the 1994 European Elections in Dublin, Progressive Democrat candidate Stephen O’Byrnes. He failed to win a seat.
O’Byrnes also stood in 1992 in Dublin North East without success. He was better known as a driving force in the background of the party.



Paschal Mooney – Fianna Fail -2009 Euro Elections February 26, 2010

From the 2009 European Elections, Fianna Fail candidate Paschal Mooney. Known many for ‘keeping it country’ on the radio, he has spent a long time in the Senate.



Pat Cox -Progressive Democrats -1992 Cork South Central February 23, 2010

The then Progressive Democrat  Pat Cox from the 1992 General Election in Cork South Central where he won a seat.
Pat Cox left RTE to run for the Progressive Democrats in the 1989 European Elections where he topped the poll in Munster. This leaflet is from his 1992 Dail Campaign.
In 1994 it was expected that he would remain in the Dail, instead he took on former Party Leader Des O’Malley and held his MEP seat as an Independent. In Brussels he was elected president of the ELDR group in the European Parliament in 1998 and in 2002 he was elected President of the European Parliament. He continued in that role until 2004.
He is now President of ‘The European Movement’.
There are some awaiting his return to Irish Politics.



Orla Guerin -Labour -Leaflet 2- 1994 European Elections Dublin. February 5, 2010

The Now BBC journalist Orla Guerin from the 1994 European Elections in Dublin. Orla Guerin had been a journalist with RTE and was a national name.
She was added to the Labour Party ticket after the selection convention had selected The sitting MEP Bernie Malone, who had been co-opted to replace Barry Desmond.
Many within the party felt that Malone may struggle to hold on to the seat, especially under pressure from The Democratic Left and The Workers Party.
There was a great rivalry between Malone and Guerin and it added to the campaign.
In the end Bernie Malone won a seat, although Orla Guerin polled well.


Pat Rabbitte -‘What does he want..?’ – Democratic Left -1994 European Elections February 4, 2010

From Democratic Left in the 1994 European Elections in Dublin…. A Question asked by many over the years about Pat Rabbitte (and many others) ‘What does he want..?’
Prionsias De Rossa had won a seat for The Workers Party in Dublin in 1989. Following the Workers Party Split, De Rossa stepped down and the Democratic Lefts Des Geraghty was co-opted and served from 1992 to 1994 as an MEP. Despite Geraghty being the outgoing MEP, Pat Rabbitte stood in 1994.
The DL were very fond of quotes from newspapers (as The Greens used to be too). Rabbitte bemoans the lack of EU money for Dublin and the amount of funds going to farmers.
Rabbitte failed to win a seat. (result at



John Noonan- Sinn Fein 1984 European elections Dublin October 8, 2009

This is unusual in that at the time Sinn Fein were Anti EEC. It details the reasons why Ireland should withdraw. It was only 11 years since we had joined. Some of the images are big, I’ve tried to pare them down whilst still making them readable.




Olive Braiden -Fianna Fail -Euro 94 Dublin September 25, 2009

Olive Braiden was a surprise choice to many as one of Fianna Fails 3 candidates in Dublin 1994.  Widely known for her work with the Rape Crisis Centre she failed in her attempt for election.

The candidate is pictured with amongst others Maire Geoghan Quinn.



Fianna Fail Euro 94

The Fianna Fail manifestos for each Constituency in the 1994 European Elections. Amongst the Candidates, Pat the Cope Gallagher, Mark Killilea, Gerry Collins, Brian Crowley and Olive Braiden.


Ray Crotty – Dublin- 1989 European Elections. September 24, 2009

Ray (Raymond) Crottys 1989 leaflet. It was Crotty who took the case that stopped the Dail ratifying the Single European Act, so it is because of that Supreme Court Judgement we now have Referendums on all EU treaties…. How those in power must rue the day he took that case.

He was also an opponent of Irelands entry into the EEC.  The Trustees listed are a varied and interesting bunch in Kevin Boland, Hubert Butler, Desmond Fennell, Noreen Kearney, Sr Stanislaus Kennedy, Matt Merrigan and Senator John Robb.



Justin Barrett – ‘Putting irish People First’

Taken from the 2004 Euro Election campaign. Pro-Lifer and (former?) Youth Defence man Justin Barrett adds Immigration to his policy bow. “Demanding Irish People are given priority to all new jobs” and all sorts of other nuggets.



Frank Cluskey – Labour- European Elections 1984 September 15, 2009

Former Leader of the Labour Party Frank Cluskeys literature from the 1984 Euro Elections. In 1991 after losing his Dail seat (and the leadership of Labour) Frank  had been co-opted to the European Parliament, to replace Michael O’Leary (who replaced him as leader of the Labour Party) . O’Leary resigned as Party Leader just over a year later (and joined Fine Gael) and was replaced by Dick Spring. Cluskey resigned from government in 1983 over a point of principle regarding Dublin Gas.

It is Spring who gives the leaders message on the main leaflet. That Leaflet (which is hard to read in its original, never mind scanned- but worth the effort) gives an idea of the European issues of the time and Labour dont appear to keen on the European Community in it. The ‘ A Realistic View of Europe” part of the document was quite an eye opener. “..Labour warned the people in 1972 of the harsh realities of Community membership…..” etc



Dickie Rock, Packie Bonnar, Barney McKenna, Mother Theresa, Kevin Moran and Carboard Cutouts – John Stafford Euro 1994 September 14, 2009

If it was celebrity endorsements you were after then this is the leaflet for you.

“John Stafford has done a lot of work for the people of Dublin already. I cannot think of anyone else that I would prefer to represent me in Europe. That is why I am giving John Stafford my number 1 on June 9th. I urge you to do the same.”Says Dickie Rock

Whilst Barney McKenna (of the Dubliners) says “As a real Dub I am supporting John Stafford. He will look after The Town I love so well”

Also pictured though are a host of celebrities John met during his time as Lord Mayor. Is that Linda Martin on the front page?
We certainly have John meeting Dickie Rock. John having his picture taken with Paul Harrington and Charle McGettigan of Eurovision fame. John having a chinwag with Packie Bonnar. Is John attempting a sly thumbs up sign with Paul McGrath?

Then there is John smiling with Kevin Moran and John selling fruit on Moore Street. We have John posing with Sean Haughey as they pull each others chains.
Last but not least we have Mother Theresa who was lucky enough to be greeted by John ……. and of course John with the cardboard cutouts of himself.

Aside from all the pictures, John is a great Family man and thats why hes against the Residential Property Tax……

*John, Despite his connections wasn’t elected.



Leaflet from Joe Higgins- Socialist Party – 1999 European Elections September 11, 2009

Some of Joe’s literature from the 1999 Euros. If only we’d listened to him about “The outlawing of speculation in building land and profiteering in the housing market….”  .

Its a sign of the times too that Joe wouldn’t be mentioning ‘GM foods’ much these days.



The Free Press – Democratic Socialist Party paper 1984 September 9, 2009

This special edition of  ‘The Free Press’ was published for the Euro Elections of 1984. John De Courcy Ireland was the candidate. He polled 5,350 votes. John De Courcy Ireland had a long and varied career and is associated by many with the Maritime Museum in Dun Laoghaire.
Amongst those pictured with him are Bill McCamley, Sean Barrett and Manus O’Riordan. Both Bill McCamley and Manus O’Riordan have been involved with SIPTU since. Amongst other titles Manus O’Riordan has been SIPTUs Head of Research, whilst Bill McCamley has been a Worker Director at Dublin Bus.
The leaflet also contains some interesting facts regarding religion, age, gender of Dun Laoghaire as well as topics that may be of interest especially those in/from the Dun Laoghaire area.
Should you want to read it easily, Clicking on the image will increase its size.



A 2004 Clifford T Reid – ‘Stop The Paedophiles’ Election Flyer

From the 2004 Euro Elections a leaflet for Independent candidate Clifford T Reid. A fairly eye catching slogan, which had posters all around Leinster.
He polled 10,692 votes.
He since appeared on the RTE show Beyond Endurance where the volunteers in the show went to Antarctica to retrace some of Shackleton and Tom Creans footsteps.


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