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Brian Hayes pictured at the 1992 Young Fine Gael Summer Bar-B-Que September 4, 2012

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From an edition of Futureline from Young Fine Gael, pictures from the 1992 Young Fine Gael Summer Bar-B-Que. Amongst those attending a young Brian Hayes (pictured top left)

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Cait Keane pictured with “Senator Brian Hayes” in her latest leaflet. August 29, 2012

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Hadn’t noticed this (thanks to the gent who pointed it out) when posting Cait Keanes leaflet yesterday. She refers to her constituency colleague and current Junior Minister Brian Hayes as “”Senator Brian Hayes”. I’m sure it was unintentional.


“Brian Hayes TD – An Introduction” -Leaflet to new Dublin South West voters (ex Dublin South) August 21, 2012

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“Brian Hayes TD – An Introduction” A leaflet distributed to the new (former Dublin South) Dublin South West voters from Fine Gael TD and Junior Minister Brian Hayes. In it he is pictured in front of local landmark Rathfarnham Castle and there are also pics of him in the Pearse Museum in St Endas Park.
(haven’t posted the other side of the leaflet)
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Brian Hayes Leaflet on the “Referendum on Euro Stability” …”Treaty Supports Jobs and Recovery …” April 20, 2012

A Local News Update from Fine Gael Dublin South West TD and Minister of State Brain Hayes concerning the “Referendum on Euro Stability”.



“Benefits Of Membership” Leaflet from Young Fine Gael circa 1998 March 21, 2012

From I think late 1998 a leaflet from Young Fine Gael about the benefits of membership. On the reverse are statements from Brian Hayes and Denis Naughten as well as Sarah Hall and Mark O’Doherty. (I wonder is it the Mark O’Doherty who is now a special advisor to Government Chief Whip Paul Kehoe?)



“Brian Hayes TD Report -Summer 2011 Edition” -Fine Gael -Dublin South West June 29, 2011

Fresh in a friends door from Fine Gael TD (and Minister) Brian Hayes the Summer Edition of his ‘Report’ newsletter.
Headlines include “Hayes Appointed Minister”, “New Government Gets to Work”. We have pictures of Brain meeting the Queen and other activities.
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Flyer from Brian Hayes -Fine Gael -2011 General Election Dublin South West January 19, 2011

From the 2011 General Election a flyer from Fine Gael TD Brian Hayes running in Dublin South West.



Young Fine Gael – Futureline -Autumn 1992 -includes Condom articles and John Bruton interview April 29, 2010

I’m not sure if this is a supplement to the October 1992 edition of Futureline or if it was an edition produced by itself (and I’m missing the cover?). Futureline was (is?) a Young Fine Gael Magazine.
The main focus of this is an interview with John Bruton. We also have amongst other things an editorial from a Young Brian Hayes (The New National Youth and Education Officer),  items on condoms and stuff on the Rio summit.
The items on condoms by Colm Brophy and John Armstrong are especially interesting and give an insight into the time.

If you cant see the full image click on it (I’ll have to start doing pdf files for some of these soon)



Brian Hayes – “Say No to Single Party Government” 2002 October 10, 2009

This is interesting in that it wasn’t just the PDs who were saying no to one party government in 2002, it was Fine Gael too. Funny thing is this was out before the PDs poster campaign
Here we had a case of two parties saying the exact same thing, but reading the PD posters they implied keeping their few TDs in government as ‘watchdogs’, whilst FG were looking for an anti Fianna Fail vote.

On the back we have his achievements and Stanley Lang urging votes for Brian.



‘Futureline’ -Young FG magazine July 1992 September 14, 2009

Futureline, the Young Fine Gael magazine in 1992. Young Fine Gael are delighted with themselves at the Yes vote for Maastricht and the fact that they campaigned during the exam season. Also contains a report of a questions and answers session with John Bruton. in Maynooth .

Interesting to note that  the event was chaired by (The now Sunday Independent Jouralist ) John Drennan the chairperson of the Young Fine Gael, Maynooth College branch.

Some lovely images too of the Summer Bar-B-Que on the back page with Brian Hayes amongst others looking as if hes enjoying himself.  Others pictured include Stephen Rea, Colm Brophy,Karen Bailey, Tim Wray and John Mullins,Wonder are many of them still involved?



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