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Leaflet advertising ‘Berties Walkabout’ -Phibsboro 1993 December 22, 2009

A leaflet advertising Berties forthcoming Walkabout in the St Peters Parish area along with Tony Kett. I had thought that ‘Berties Walkabouts’ were somewhat impromptu but it wasn’t the case.
Like an awful lot to do with the Ahern organisation it had a military precision about it.
The Advice Centres are held in conjunction with Tony Kett and Willie O’Byrne.
Tony Kett was a councillor and later a senator. In the obituary of Tony Kett, Bertie Ahern wrote that he was ‘a man I am so proud to have been able to call my best friend’.
Willie O’Byrne stood for Fianna Fail in the 1991 local elections but failed to win a seat.
Throughout the Advice centre details, Bertie puts emphasis on the fact that he would deal with any queries ‘personally’.



The letter that got Cyprian Brady elected -Fianna Fail 2007 -Dublin Central December 8, 2009

The night before the 2007 General Election, this leaflet was distributed in almost all areas (note the ‘your area’) of Dublin Central (Such stunts are not unusual). Mary Fitzpatrick wasn’t best pleased, especially as she didn’t have time to respond before the election.
Having received just 939 first preference votes, Cyprian Brady gets elected. How? He got the lions share of transfers from Bertie Aherns surplus, it was enough to put him ahead of Mary Fitzpatrick. When Mary Fitzpatrick was eliminated, Cyprian got the bulk of her transfers and finished comfortably ahead of Paschal Donohoe to win the final seat.
So this letter was deemed to have worked.


Bertie Ahern, George Colley, Tom Leonard- Fianna Fail-Dublin Central November 1982 October 26, 2009

From the November 1982 General Election, a flyer for Fianna Fail candidates in Dublin Central. A young Bertie, George Colley months before his passing and Tom Leonard who would win the by election caused by Colleys death.
Ahern topped the poll with 10,542 votes with Colley also elected polling 5,622 votes, Leonard missed out polling 2,396 votes.




Tom Stafford “He’s a true blue” – Fianna Fail 1985 LE October 23, 2009

This is a tiny card from Tom Stafford in the 1985 local elections campaign. Its not often Candidates write their message in verse.


Berties Newsletter 1993

Berties Newsletter from around 1993 I think. Its some production and really illustrates the image on the ground as the person who gets jobs done. Literally every road in the area has had a problem addressed at Berties behest.




Tony Kett -Fianna Fail -1991 and 1985 Local Elections September 24, 2009

The Late Tony Kett from the 1991 and 1985 local elections. Kett was an integral part of the ‘Drumcondra Mafia’ and of course served in the Seanad.  The Leaflet from Bertie is interesting in that it outlines their friendship also doesn’t give the other candidates much of a look in either.




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