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Fine Gael “Dublin South Newsletter” -November 1992 November 21, 2021

From the 1992 General Election Campaign a newsletter produced for Dublin South by Fine Gael. It promotes their candidates Alan Shatter, Olivia Mitchell and Maurice Manning. Alan Shatter was elected.


Alan Shatter Newsletter (With Exclusive interview with Alan Shatter) -Fine Gael -Dublin Rathdown August 25, 2015

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The Summer 2015 Newsletter from Fine Gael TD Alan Shatter who will be running in Dublin Rathdown at the next General Election. Inside is an Exclusive interview with Alan Shatter and some local and National news.
Many thanks to the sender




“Shatter is on the Ball” – From 2007 an Alan Shatter Ball April 6, 2014

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From the 2007 General Election a ShatterBall, one of many given out by Alan Shatter during the campaign. Aside from the balls he also gave out Shopping bags and of course he had the infamous Star Trek and X-Factor leaflets . It all worked as he regained his seat.
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The Leaflets that made a story in todays Irish Independent… June 16, 2011

One of the leaflets from the site made the Indo again today with a number of others mentioned too.
(the picture had the same fold line as the one I’ve posted here)
Needless to say no credit was given to the site.
The Star Trek Leaflet mentioned
The X-Factor Leaflet mentioned
The “Casual pose wearing jeans..” Leaflet mentioned.
And here he is in a 1987 leaflet


Alan Shatter Newsletter Jan/Feb 2011 February 3, 2011

From the 2011 General Election in Dublin South a Newsletter from Fine Gael TD Alan Shatter.
There are various themes including awards he’d won from the Mirror and Irish Independent but he also mentions that word ‘Change’…
Change is often a theme in Elections,never more so than at the minute. The PDs in 1987 were “For Real Change” , In 1982 Fine Gael wanted “Change for the Better“, it was a slogan they used in 2007 also. In 2007 Pat Rabbitte gave Labours “five Commitments for change“.
Here Shatter goes that bit further and mentions “Revolutionary democratic change“.



Mary Muldoon, Alan Shatter -Fine Gael -1991 Local Elections Rathfarnham April 10, 2010

Fine Gael candidates Alan Shatter and Mary Muldoon from the 1991 local Elections in the Rathfarnham LEA. Both Alan Shatter and Mary Muldoon were elected.
Traffic and Knocklyon School were amongst the issues mentioned. Anyone familiar with the area will remember the issues with Traffic especially later on when the M50 ended at Tallaght.


Alan Shatter- ‘His record speaks for itself’ -2007 GE Dublin South March 5, 2010

Another from the Alan Shatter stable of imaginative/ corny leaflets. This time from the 2007 General election campaign. The jacket slung over the shoulder and the silhouette of it in reverse on the back…..
The pink almost takes away from the serious issues he mentions.



‘Good morning to a Better Ireland’- Jim O’Leary -Fine Gael -2007 Dublin South February 2, 2010

As positive looking a leaflet as you’ll find. Fine Gael candidate Jim O’Leary from the 2007 General Election in Dublin South.
Despite it being mass produced, the smile on the candidate and the “P.S if your number 1 vote is committed, please give me your highest preference” make it almost personal.



Alan Shatters X-Factor leaflet (he compares himself to Simon Cowell) -Fine Gael – 2007 GE Dublin South December 29, 2009

Another from the Alan Shatter stable of oddities, this time Alan Shatters X-Factor from the 2007 General Election…… Where he compares himself to Simon Cowell and more



Olivia Mitchell -Fine Gael -2007 Dublin South December 23, 2009

Olivia Mitchell from 2007 looking for the Luas to run to every corner of her constituency.



Alan Shatter – ‘Star Trek’ 2007 October 14, 2009

From 2007, one of the most bizarre leaflets I’ve seen. Alan Shatter dressed up (or photoshoped) in Star Trek gear.
Comparing himself to William Shatner and lots more besides…. Shatter regained the seat he had lost in 2002. (his record at

Funnily enough William Shatners middle name is Alan, William Alan Shatner.
Alan Shatter ….Alan Shatner … Its a pity Alan Shatters not younger , otherwise there would be a chance that he was named Alan as a tribute to the Star Trek Actor!
I’ve pared down the size but given the amount of colour involved the images are still big.




Alan Shatter -Dublin South 1987 October 11, 2009

Not quite the fancy stuff he produces now!  At least it was a proper ‘Sorry I missed you’ rather than the pre printed ones we get now.




Alan Shatter ‘TIME’ magazine 2009 September 13, 2009

From 2009 a leaflet from Alan Shatter. As usual with Shatter there’s an eye catching theme that makes it look like something else. He has done ones in the style of Star Trek and X-Factor amongst other things previously.

Mind you €50 to celebrate 25 years of representing Dublin South is a bit steep.




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