Irish Election Literature

… what you maybe meant to keep…

Dickie Rock, Packie Bonnar, Barney McKenna, Mother Theresa, Kevin Moran and Carboard Cutouts – John Stafford Euro 1994 September 14, 2009

If it was celebrity endorsements you were after then this is the leaflet for you.

“John Stafford has done a lot of work for the people of Dublin already. I cannot think of anyone else that I would prefer to represent me in Europe. That is why I am giving John Stafford my number 1 on June 9th. I urge you to do the same.”Says Dickie Rock

Whilst Barney McKenna (of the Dubliners) says “As a real Dub I am supporting John Stafford. He will look after The Town I love so well”

Also pictured though are a host of celebrities John met during his time as Lord Mayor. Is that Linda Martin on the front page?
We certainly have John meeting Dickie Rock. John having his picture taken with Paul Harrington and Charle McGettigan of Eurovision fame. John having a chinwag with Packie Bonnar. Is John attempting a sly thumbs up sign with Paul McGrath?

Then there is John smiling with Kevin Moran and John selling fruit on Moore Street. We have John posing with Sean Haughey as they pull each others chains.
Last but not least we have Mother Theresa who was lucky enough to be greeted by John ……. and of course John with the cardboard cutouts of himself.

Aside from all the pictures, John is a great Family man and thats why hes against the Residential Property Tax……

*John, Despite his connections wasn’t elected.


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