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From Bernie Malone Labour 1997 ‘Win a trip to the European Parliament for two’ June 11, 2013

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From a 1997 freesheet from then Labour Party Dublin MEP Bernie Malone a competition to ‘Win a trip to the European Parliament for two’.



Leaflet from Orla Guerin , Bernie Malone -Labour -1994 European Elections Dublin June 5, 2012

From the 1994 European Elections Campaign a leaflet for Labour Party Dublin candidates Orla Guerin and Bernie Malone.
The sitting MEP Bernie Malone, who had been co-opted to replace Barry Desmond, had been selected at the Selection convention and was none too pleased when then RTE journalist Orla Guerin was added to the ticket. The addition, supposedly at Dick Springs request, caused friction within the party and between the candidates.. It was one of the most memorable campaigns for rivalry between candidates…. All sorts of rumours went around at the time.
In the end Malone held on to her seat and it was Guerin, despite polling well, who lost out.
Orla Guerin joined the BBC in 1995 and has worked there since. Bernie Malone lost her seat in 1999 after Proinsias de Rossa was added to the Labour ticket and De Rossa was easily elected.



Bernie Malone -Labour Party -1994 European Elections March 25, 2010

From the 1994 European Elections, Labour candidate Bernie Malone. Bernie Malone , a Malahide based councillor was co-opted to replace sitting MEP Barry Desmond in 1992. She was chosen as the Labour candidate at the selection convention only for Orla Guerin to be added to the ticket. Bernie Malone wasn’t happy and the two candidates developed a ‘rivralry’.
In the end it was Bernie Malone who won a seat.


Orla Guerin -Labour -Leaflet 2- 1994 European Elections Dublin. February 5, 2010

The Now BBC journalist Orla Guerin from the 1994 European Elections in Dublin. Orla Guerin had been a journalist with RTE and was a national name.
She was added to the Labour Party ticket after the selection convention had selected The sitting MEP Bernie Malone, who had been co-opted to replace Barry Desmond.
Many within the party felt that Malone may struggle to hold on to the seat, especially under pressure from The Democratic Left and The Workers Party.
There was a great rivalry between Malone and Guerin and it added to the campaign.
In the end Bernie Malone won a seat, although Orla Guerin polled well.


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