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February 2007 Edition of the Immigration Control Platforms Newsletter- “..% of foreign residents shall not exceed 10% of the population.” October 21, 2010

From February 2007 an Edition of the Immigration Control Platforms Newsletter.
There is a report of the groups AGM where amongst the items adopted were.

That a referendum be held to amend the constitution as follows:
“The government shall ensure through legislation, policies and planning that
the percentage of foreign residents shall not exceed 10% of the population”
[i.e. the current percentage as shown by the Census of 2006]; this amendment to
allow for recognition of EU Treaty agreements.

Thanks to the sender.



Pat Talbot Leaflet – Immigration Control Platform -2009 Dublin Central By-Election. June 22, 2010

From the 2009 Dublin Central By-Election a leaflet from Immigration Control Platform candidate Pat Talbot. Pat Talbot polled 614 votes.
The leaflet focuses on amongst other things Immigration policy and the entry of Turkey into the EU.



Fianna Fail -Yes to Common Sense Citizenship – 2004 Citizenship Referendum May 13, 2010

From the 2004 Citizenship Referendum, Fianna Fail asking for a Yes vote for Common Sense Citizenship.
Up until 2004 if your child was born in Ireland, you were entitled to citizenship. It was felt that this provision was being abused.
The Referendum was passed by 79% Yes to 21% No



2010 UK Election -He used to ignore immigration.. .. now he lives on a reservation -UKIP 2010 May 5, 2010

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From the 2010 Westminster elections. From the UK Independence Party (UKIP) an incredible anti immigration leaflet
‘He used to ignore immigration.. .. now he lives on a reservation’



SWP -No to Racism flyer February 11, 2010

“Say No to Racism –  Migrants are welcome here ”  
This is fairly recent. I’m not sure if there is any particular incident that prompted the production of the leaflet.


Dean O’Nualláin -Independent -1997 General Election- Dublin South Central February 6, 2010

Independent candidate Dean O’Nualláin from the 1997 General Election in Dublin South Central. He received 80 votes.
With all the immigrants coming into the country he wanted Dubliners to be a higher priority than them.


Pat Talbot- Immigration Control Platform -2009 Dublin Central By-Election January 15, 2010

Pat Talbot from the 2009 Dublin Central by-election where he got 614 votes……..



Justin Barrett – ‘Putting irish People First’ September 24, 2009

Taken from the 2004 Euro Election campaign. Pro-Lifer and (former?) Youth Defence man Justin Barrett adds Immigration to his policy bow. “Demanding Irish People are given priority to all new jobs” and all sorts of other nuggets.



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