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Leaflet from Alex White -Labour Leadership contest June 23, 2014

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From the contest for the Labour Leadership a leaflet from Alex White delivered to Labour Party Members.
Many thanks to the sender.


“150 words about local issues in Dun Laoghaire” Eamon Gilmore -Workers Party- 1989 GE January 23, 2010

From the 1989 General election where the then Councillor Gilmore wins a Dail seat. It was a breakthrough for the Workers Party as they had 7 TDs elected.
I wonder how many of the “150 words about local issues in Dun Laoghaire” are still valid today.
I’m curious about the reference to ‘..Maternity pay for teachers..” though. Is Hogweed still a problem too?



Frank Cluskey – Labour- European Elections 1984 September 15, 2009

Former Leader of the Labour Party Frank Cluskeys literature from the 1984 Euro Elections. In 1991 after losing his Dail seat (and the leadership of Labour) Frank  had been co-opted to the European Parliament, to replace Michael O’Leary (who replaced him as leader of the Labour Party) . O’Leary resigned as Party Leader just over a year later (and joined Fine Gael) and was replaced by Dick Spring. Cluskey resigned from government in 1983 over a point of principle regarding Dublin Gas.

It is Spring who gives the leaders message on the main leaflet. That Leaflet (which is hard to read in its original, never mind scanned- but worth the effort) gives an idea of the European issues of the time and Labour dont appear to keen on the European Community in it. The ‘ A Realistic View of Europe” part of the document was quite an eye opener. “..Labour warned the people in 1972 of the harsh realities of Community membership…..” etc



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