Irish Election Literature

… what you maybe meant to keep…

The Free Press – Democratic Socialist Party paper 1984 September 9, 2009

This special edition of  ‘The Free Press’ was published for the Euro Elections of 1984. John De Courcy Ireland was the candidate. He polled 5,350 votes. John De Courcy Ireland had a long and varied career and is associated by many with the Maritime Museum in Dun Laoghaire.
Amongst those pictured with him are Bill McCamley, Sean Barrett and Manus O’Riordan. Both Bill McCamley and Manus O’Riordan have been involved with SIPTU since. Amongst other titles Manus O’Riordan has been SIPTUs Head of Research, whilst Bill McCamley has been a Worker Director at Dublin Bus.
The leaflet also contains some interesting facts regarding religion, age, gender of Dun Laoghaire as well as topics that may be of interest especially those in/from the Dun Laoghaire area.
Should you want to read it easily, Clicking on the image will increase its size.


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