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From 1973 A letter from Fine Gael TD Eddie Collins in reply to someone looking for a seat on the RTE Authority October 8, 2013

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I found this in a copy of Fine Gaels ‘Just Society’ that I had at the bottom of a drawer. Its a letter from Fine Gael Waterford TD Eddie Collins to , what I can only assume is a constituent who had asked his advice about applying for a position on the RTE Authority. I wonder what the ‘movement’ referred to in the letter was?



“Trade Unionist Takes on RTE censorship”- Larry O’Toole related Anti Section 31 leaflet from the Free Speech Legal Fund February 8, 2012

A fascinating leaflet this from the Free Speech Legal Fund a group opposed to Section 31 of the broadcasting act.
In 1990 there was a strike at Gateaux and amongst those elected to the strike committee was Sinn Fein member Larry O’Toole. He was banned from speaking on the national airwaves in his role as a Union Official due to his membership of Sinn Fein.
The Free Speech Legal Fund was to fund a case asking the High Court for a judicial review of “RTE’s illegal extension of Section 31”
Many thanks to the sender.


“We call on the Minister to revoke Section 31……” and other anti Section 31 posters from The Repeal Section 31 Campaign February 3, 2012

Some posters from the Repeal Section 31 Campaign.
Under Section 31 of the Broadcasting Authority Act, it was forbidden to broadcast the voice of Sinn Féin members. The Act ran from 1971 until it was lifted by the then Minister for Arts, Culture & the Gaeltacht Michael D. Higgins.
There was a similar law in the UK which was gotten around by using actors voices instead of the interviewees.
Many thanks to the sender.




Anti Section 31 poster from Sinn Fein May 24, 2011

An Anti Section 31 poster from Sinn Fein from the early 80s. Under Section 31 of the Broadcasting Act, it was forbidden to broadcast the voice of Sinn Féin members.
Many thanks to the sender.


Dustin The Turkey -“Vote Dustin No. 1 …. Bringing The Olympics to Termonfeckin” Poster July 16, 2010

First off many thanks to the great Turkey himself for sending this (and other items) on.
Dustins political career is of legend proportions.
In various elections, despite Dustin not officially standing, ballot papers with his name on them have supposedly outpolled some candidates on the ballot.
He has of course met many politicians in his time, even managing to secure an exclusive interview with George Mitchell (the US special envoy to Northern Ireland during the Peace Process)…. only to ask him about his days with WHAM…
The idea of “Bringing The Olympics to Termonfeckin” was inspired by the then Lord Mayor Gay Mitchells suggestion of Dublin hosting the Olympics.


I will be guest on RTE Radio Ones Late Debate this evening June 30, 2010

Should anyone Be interested, I’ll be a guest on RTE Radio Ones Late Debate this evening. Talking about The Blog, Election Leaflets and so on.

I’m on from around the 47 minute mark


Garret Fitzgerald Letter urging a vote for Mary Banotti- 1989 European Elections April 29, 2010

From the 1989 European Elections campaign a letter from Garret Fitzgerald asking voters to vote for Mary Banotti. He also, in what looks like an afterthought asks for a vote for Chris O’Malley (O’Malley had been co-opted as an MEP in 1986 to replace Richie Ryan who had taken a role with the European Court of Auditors).
Mary Banotti had been elected an MEP in 1984, according to the letter she was fluent in French and Italian. Banotti was another former RTE person who had entered politics. She was too Fine Gael blue blood in that Michael Collins was her Grand Uncle. She was also sister of Nora Owen.
Garret Fitzgerald had resigned as leader of Fine Gael two years previously, I think this letter was to constituents in Dublin South East.
In the 1989 European Elections,Mary Banotti held her seat and Chris O’Malley lost his.


Paschal Mooney – Fianna Fail -2009 Euro Elections February 26, 2010

From the 2009 European Elections, Fianna Fail candidate Paschal Mooney. Known many for ‘keeping it country’ on the radio, he has spent a long time in the Senate.



Pat Cox -Progressive Democrats -1992 Cork South Central February 23, 2010

The then Progressive Democrat  Pat Cox from the 1992 General Election in Cork South Central where he won a seat.
Pat Cox left RTE to run for the Progressive Democrats in the 1989 European Elections where he topped the poll in Munster. This leaflet is from his 1992 Dail Campaign.
In 1994 it was expected that he would remain in the Dail, instead he took on former Party Leader Des O’Malley and held his MEP seat as an Independent. In Brussels he was elected president of the ELDR group in the European Parliament in 1998 and in 2002 he was elected President of the European Parliament. He continued in that role until 2004.
He is now President of ‘The European Movement’.
There are some awaiting his return to Irish Politics.



George Lee -Poster size leaflet (with great message from Enda)-Fine Gael 2009 Dublin South February 8, 2010

From the 2009 Dublin South By Election. A larger version George Lee election flyer. Contains a now Brilliant message from Enda Kenny.

George Enda writes  “…..has a proven and outstanding economic ability, a willingness to stand up to vested interests…” (Vested interests Like top FG people trying to keep their own patches?)
A Longer message from George Lee and lovely picture where Olivia Mitchell and Alan Shatter ‘endorse’ Goeorge Lee.
This time with a longer message from George Lee and also a longer message from Enda Kenny.
George Lee having resigned as RTEs economics correspondent was a huge capture for Fine Gael. He topped the poll and got in on the first count.

He resigned his seat on the 8th of February 2010, less than a year after his election.

(A rundown of Irish Celebrity candidates with their flyers)



George Lee -Fine Gael -Dublin South By-Election 2009

George Lees election flyer.

From the 2009 Dublin South by-election Fine Gael poll topper George Lee. Lee at the time RTEs economics correspondent was a huge capture for Fine Gael.

I wonder would Enda be as enthused now? I always felt that Alan Shatter and Olivia Mitchell were grimmacing in the photo with George.

(Amongst other ‘celebrity’ candidates posted to date are Frank Mc Namara, Jeananne Crowley , Geraldine Kennedy and Orla Guerin)



Libertas- Rebuttal of Negative issues and ‘Primetime’ leaflet for Canvassers January 9, 2010

In the run up to the 2009 European Elections a Primetime Special was done on Declan Ganley and Libertas.
Arising from the show this was sent out to Libertas canvassers.



Orla Guerin -Labour -Dublin 1994 November 15, 2009

1994 Dublin European Elections and a mini sensation is caused by the addition of RTE Journalist Orla Guerin to the Labour Party Ticket.
The addition, supposedly at Dick Springs request, caused friction within the party and between the candidates.
The sitting MEP Bernie Malone, who had been co-opted to replace Barry Desmond, had been selected at the Selection convention was none too pleased. It was one of the most memorable campaigns for rivalry between candidates…. All sorts of rumours went around at the time.
In the end Malone held on to her seat and it was Guerin, despite polling well, who lost out.
Orla Guerin joined the BBC in 1995 and has worked there since.




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