Irish Election Literature

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Christy Dunne, John Noonan -Sinn Fein -1987 GE Dublin South West March 29, 2010

From the 1987 General Election, Christy Dunne and John Noonan running for Sinn Fein in Dulin South West. Christy Dunne got 378 votes whilst John Noonan got 1001 votes. Neither were elected.
The Leaflet gives mention of the issues of the time, Unemployment , housing and the establishment of a 32 county Socialist Republic.



John Noonan- Sinn Fein 1984 European elections Dublin October 8, 2009

This is unusual in that at the time Sinn Fein were Anti EEC. It details the reasons why Ireland should withdraw. It was only 11 years since we had joined. Some of the images are big, I’ve tried to pare them down whilst still making them readable.




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