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“Dublin’s Only Elected MEP” -Richie Ryan -Fine Gael -1984 European Elections July 24, 2014

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From the 1984 European Elections a leaflet from Richie Ryan who was running for Fine Gael in Dublin. The leaflet is very much European and International focused. It also contains a picture of Ryan with Pope John Paul II . Many thanks to the sender.



“Don’t let them sweep your jobs aside!” -Fianna Fail ad for Sean Flanagan, Ray MacSharry 1984 European Elections March 23, 2011

From the 1984 European Elections an ad for Fianna Fail Connaught Ulster candidates Ray MacSharry and Sean Flanagan, with a cartoon of Dick Spring and Garret Fitzgerald beside the headline “Don’t let them sweep your jobs aside!”
Both MacSharry and Flanagan were elected. MacSharry served as an MEP until 1987 when he resigned due to his appointment as Minister for Finance. Mark Killilea was co-opted to replace him.
You might also notice that Fianna ail were part of the “”European Progressive Democrats”


John De Courcy Ireland -Democratic Socialist Party- Dublin- 1984 European Elections January 14, 2010

This is from the 1984 Euro Elections. De Courcy Ireland, aside from his political interests was heavily involved in the foundation of the Maritime Museum in Dun Laoghaire. The profile below shows the calibre. He had been Jim Larkins election agent and  aside from the DSP, had spells affiliated or involved with the Northern Ireland Labour Party, the Irish Labour Party, the Communist Party of Ireland, the Workers Party, Democratic Left and the Socialist Workers Party. (Party details from Wikipedia)
He was a founding member of Irish CND and also involved with The Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement.
He passed away in 2006.

(This leaflet was previously part of another post)



Mary Banotti, Richie Ryan -Fine Gael -1984 Euro Elections Dublin November 24, 2009

Mary Banotti, Grand Niece of Michael Collins, MEP for four terms and the Fine Gael candidate in the 1999 Presidential election.
Richie Ryan, elected to the Dail in 1959, probably most famous for his time as Minister for Finance in the 1973 to 1977 Fine Gael/Labour coalition. He was satirised as ‘Richie Ruin’ by ‘Halls Pictorial Weekly’. He served in the European Parliament from 1973 until 1986 when he was appointed to the European Court of Auditors. He was replaced as MEP by Chris O’Malley.
Note how Fine Gael are pushing the fact that they are part of the Christian Democrats in the European Parliament.



Des Geraghty -Workers Party 1984 Euro Elections October 25, 2009

Union official (and since President of SIPTU) Geraghty stood for the Workers Party in the 1984 Euro elections getting 19,590 votes, almost 7%.




John Noonan- Sinn Fein 1984 European elections Dublin October 8, 2009

This is unusual in that at the time Sinn Fein were Anti EEC. It details the reasons why Ireland should withdraw. It was only 11 years since we had joined. Some of the images are big, I’ve tried to pare them down whilst still making them readable.




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