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Sligo County Council and Corporation Local Election Results 1919 to 2009, Westmeath Co Co 1934 to 2009 October 20, 2012

Another batch of old Local Election results in excel format to add to those already on the site
This time,
Westmeath County Council Local Election Results 1934 to 2009

Sligo Corporation Local Election Results 1919 to 2009

Sligo County Council Local Election Results 1920 to 2009

Some Sligo Leaflets and Westmeath leaflets


Old Local Election Results – Leitrim 1920 to 2009, Kilkenny 1955 to 2009, Laois 1960 to 2009 December 13, 2011

Another selection of Old Local Election results in excel format. This time from Kilkenny, Laois and Leitrim

The Main page for all the old Local Election results posted to date is HERE

Kilkenny County Council Local Election Results 1955 to 2009

Laois County Council Local Election Results 1960 to 2009

Leitrim County Council Local Election Results 1920 to 2009


Galway County Council Election results 1925 to 2009 and Galway City Council Election Results 1967 to 2009 November 8, 2011

Another batch of old Local Election results many of which are unavailable online.
The ones I’ve posted to date are available HERE

They are in excel format.
Galway County Council election results 1925 to 2009

Galway City Council election results 1967 to 2009


Local Election Results -Cavan 1924 to 2009, Carlow 1960 to 2009, Clare 1974 to 2009 July 22, 2011

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Another bunch of Local Election Results that include many that are currently unavailable online. At the minute the fabulous has most of the 1991 LE with all of the 1999, 2004 and 2009 results.
These are in excel format
Election Results for Carlow County Council 1960 to present

Election Results for Cavan County Council 1924 to present

Election Results for Clare County Council 1974 to present

Dublin Ones posted Here
Many Thanks to the sender


Victor Boyhan -Progressive Democrats- Blackrock 1999 LE December 17, 2009

Victor Boyhan of the Progressive Democrats for the 1999 local elections in Blackrock. He won a seat, lost it in 2004 and was elected as an Independent in 2009. Boyhan grew up with Paul McGrath and some of his 2009 literature had recommondations from Paul McGrath as opposed to Liz O’donnell as we have here. (I’ll post that in due course)



Anti Traveller Leaflet from Tony Kelly -Fianna Fail – 1999 Local Elections- Dundrum September 27, 2009

‘Outspoken’ on the issue of Halting sites, Tony Kelly was elected in these 1999 local Elections for Fianna Fail in Dundrwum polling 1,108 votes. He lost his seat in 2004 and failed again in 2009.


Sean O Siochain – Progressive Democrats – Glencullen 1991 September 24, 2009

A young Sean O Siochain stands for the PDs in their first local elections. He wasn’t elected.  Normally the inside pages would be packed with stuff, where here a large part is taken up by the fact that his Grandfather was ex Director General of the GAA.



Liz McManus, Dermot Tobin, Anne Egan -Workers Party 1991 Local Elections -Bray

From the 1991 local elections, a leaflet for Liz McManus, Dermot Tobin, and Anne Egan running for The Workers Party in Bray.
We also have a smiling Prionsias De Rossa pictured with a happy family. The Workers Party with a new logo and leaflet design. They went back to the old logo (or something very similar) after the split.

“Anne is well known as a Lollipop lady..” .

Liz Mc Manus



Grace Lally -Socialist Workers Party – Rathmines 1999 LE September 21, 2009

In the the 1999 local elections, the Socialist Workers Party put forward 8 candidates, none of whom were close to being elected. This is the literature of Grace Lally who stood in the Rathmines Ward.  Contains information on the candidate, the SWP Election Manifesto and of course the “Get Involved” form too.



Jim Ferry (Eddie Fullerton replacement)- Sinn Fein Buncrana 1991 September 19, 2009

This is poignant in that Jim Ferry replaced the Late Eddie Fullerton on the Sinn Fein ticket as Eddie Fullerton was murdered during the campaign. Jim Ferry himself passed away only recently.

The leaflet had the standard Sinn Fein 91 manifesto in the middle with a profile of Jim Ferry on the front and a message regarding Eddie Fullerton on the back.

Also another leaflet with reference to policy and that Ferry had been requested to run by the Fullerton family.



PJ Coghill, Sean Fallon, George Ledwith, Kieran Molloy, Egbert Moran, Cieran Temple -Fianna Fail- Athlone LEA 1991

From the 1991 Local Elections in Athlone. Fianna Fail candidates PJ Coghill, Sean Fallon, George Ledwith, Kieran Molloy, Egbert Moran and Cieran Temple. A strange layout of the candidates in this leaflet. Its unusual that there are no names beside the candidates pictures.I’d hazard there haven’t been too many ‘Egberts’ put before the electorate either.



Willie Kennedy , Michael Lowry -‘Lowry Team’ – 2009 Thurles September 18, 2009

This is from the 2009 local elections. The first bit of ‘Lowry Team’ literature to come my way.Willie Kennedy and Michael Lowry were both elected.

These days many Independents such as Lowry and Healy-Rae have small organisations around them that contest council elections. Thus with our clientelist sytem the TD can stay in touch with local issues and whats going on on the ground.



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