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Mary Davis Litir um Thogchán October 19, 2011

The Litir um Thogchán from Independent Presidential candidate Mary Davis delivered to both voters in my house. Note too the QR code on the front, I don’t think Gay Mitchell, Martin McGuinness or Michael D Higgins used one of them.
Note the blurb about trying to send just one campaign leaflet to each house.
If I recall correctly , the last time this happened for me was the 1989 European Elections where Proinsias De Rossa sent a single leaflet addressed to the ‘family’ as opposed to each voter in the house.



“What I stand for is YOU” – Mary Davis Presidential Election Broadcast October 17, 2011

From the 2011 Presidential Election, “What I stand for is YOU” The Mary Davis Presidential Election Broadcast


Mary Davis poster as Gaeilge October 11, 2011

From the 2011 Presidential Election a poster for Independent candidate Mary Davis poster as Gaeilge.


‘Pride at Home, Respect Abroad’ Leaflet from Mary Davis – 2011 Presidential Election September 27, 2011

A leaflet from Independent candidate Mary Davis from the 2011 Presidential campaign.
Many thanks to the sender.



Mary Davis sticker and postcard September 24, 2011

A sticker and postcard from Independent Presidential Election candidate Mary Davis.



“Seeking A Nomination” leaflet from Mary Davis -2011 Presidential Election September 21, 2011

A leaflet used by Independent Presidential candidate Mary Davis whilst she was seeking nominations from various Councils.
Many thanks to the candidate who took time to send the leaflet, and other material on.
Her website



“Pride At Home, Respect Abroad” – Poster for Mary Davis -2011 Presidential Election September 9, 2011

The poster and slogan for the Mary Davis Presidential Campaign –”PRIDE AT HOME. RESPECT ABROAD”
One of Her Election Leaflets


Mary Davis for President video May 26, 2011

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A video from Mary Davis who is seeking a nomination to run in the upcoming Presidential Election as an independent candidate.
She is best known for her role with The Special Olympics.
Her website

The blurb with the Video states…

My background is defined by a lifetime of work with local, national and international voluntary organisations, from my time as a teacher in St. Michael’s House in Ballymun to my current role as the Managing Director of Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia, working across 58 countries.

It is this breadth of experience that I bring to this campaign, and I hope to have the opportunity to put this before the people in the autumn of this year.
I want to play a leadership role in making change happen, to inspire reform and renewal at home whilst rebuilding our place in the wider world. To be a practical President, in the service of the Irish people.

I will be travelling the country in the coming weeks, seeking the support of local representatives to secure a nomination for President. But I will need your help too. So please, sign up and get involved. Get in touch with your ideas and lets begin a campaign about the kind of future we can create together.


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