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“Send your Best to Europe” Leaflet from Mary Banotti, Richie Ryan-Fine Gael- 1984 European Elections Dublin February 20, 2013

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From the 1984 European Elections in Dublin “Send your Best to Europe” , a Leaflet from Fine Gael candidates Mary Banotti and Richie Ryan. Both were elected.
In 1986 Ryan resigned his seat as he was appointed to the European Court of Auditors , Mary Banotti retired in 2004 having served as an MEP for Dublin for 20 year.




Mary Banotti -Fine Gael -1983 Dublin Central By-Election November 30, 2010

From the 1983 Dublin Central by election a leaflet for Fine Gael candidate Mary Banotti. There is a message of support from the then Taoiseach Garret Fitzgerald as well as a profile of the candidate herself.
The by-election was caused by the death of former Tainiste and Fianna Fail TD George Colley. Banotti polled 7,362 votes but lost out to Fianna Fails Tom Leonard. Mary Banotti is the sister of former TD Nora Owen and Grand niece of Michael Collins. She was elected to the European Parliament in 1984 and served there until 2004 when she retired. She also stood in the 1997 Presidential election won by Mary McAleese.



Jim Mitchell ‘Straight Talking’ Canvass Card -Fine Gael -1999 European Elections Dublin June 23, 2010

From the 1999 European Elections in Dublin a Flyer for Fine Gael candidate the late Jim Mitchell. Mitchell missed out on the final count just as he did in the 1994 European Elections.
Amongst the items mentioned are the Dail Public Accounts Committee and Supporting “a formal Irish role in European Security and defence“.



Garret Fitzgerald Letter urging a vote for Mary Banotti- 1989 European Elections April 29, 2010

From the 1989 European Elections campaign a letter from Garret Fitzgerald asking voters to vote for Mary Banotti. He also, in what looks like an afterthought asks for a vote for Chris O’Malley (O’Malley had been co-opted as an MEP in 1986 to replace Richie Ryan who had taken a role with the European Court of Auditors).
Mary Banotti had been elected an MEP in 1984, according to the letter she was fluent in French and Italian. Banotti was another former RTE person who had entered politics. She was too Fine Gael blue blood in that Michael Collins was her Grand Uncle. She was also sister of Nora Owen.
Garret Fitzgerald had resigned as leader of Fine Gael two years previously, I think this letter was to constituents in Dublin South East.
In the 1989 European Elections,Mary Banotti held her seat and Chris O’Malley lost his.


Mary Banotti -Fine Gael -1997 Presidential Election March 11, 2010

From the 1997 Presidential Election, Fine Gael candidate Mary Banotti. Mary Banotti polled almost 30% of the vote in a contest won by Mary McAleese. In the wake of Mary Robinsons success, of the five candidate (an unprecedented number) four were women, Dana, Mary McAleese, Adi Roche and Mary Banotti with Derek Nally the sole male candidate.
Mary Banotti had both tradition, being in the Michael Collins bloodline and a career of caring to do well. Also even in 1997 it was unusual for a politician to announce they were separated.



leaflet from Jim Mitchell -Fine Gael- 1994 European Elections February 17, 2010

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From the 1994 European Elections in Dublin, Fine Gael candidate the late Jim Mitchell. Despite his popularity, his colleague Mary Banotti won a seat for Fine Gael.
Mitchell, despite a long career in Politics is remembered by many for his role as chair of the Dail Public Accounts Committee.



Richard Bruton- vote 1 Jim Mitchell and 2 Mary Banotti- European Elections 1994 Dublin December 9, 2009

1994 European Elections, Fianna Fail and Labour are in coalition and Richard Bruton asks voters to vote no 1 Jim Mitchell, No 2 Mary Banotti.
Vote management for General elections in Dublin can be difficult to manage, however the Liffey provides a perfect boundary in European Elections.
Mary Banotti was elected, Jim Mitchell missed out.
The ‘Recent Events’ refered to, could have been anything from the Tax Amnesty to the Beef Tribunal.


Mary Banotti, Richie Ryan -Fine Gael -1984 Euro Elections Dublin November 24, 2009

Mary Banotti, Grand Niece of Michael Collins, MEP for four terms and the Fine Gael candidate in the 1999 Presidential election.
Richie Ryan, elected to the Dail in 1959, probably most famous for his time as Minister for Finance in the 1973 to 1977 Fine Gael/Labour coalition. He was satirised as ‘Richie Ruin’ by ‘Halls Pictorial Weekly’. He served in the European Parliament from 1973 until 1986 when he was appointed to the European Court of Auditors. He was replaced as MEP by Chris O’Malley.
Note how Fine Gael are pushing the fact that they are part of the Christian Democrats in the European Parliament.



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