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Leaflet from Cian Prendiville -AAAPBP – Labour Panel #Seanad16 April 26, 2016

A Leaflet from Cian Prendiville of The AAAPBP who is running for a Seanad seat on The Labour Panel.
Many thanks to the sender.



Budget Newsletter from Cian Prendiville -Anti Austerity Alliance – Limerick City October 18, 2015

A Budget Newsletter from Councillor Cian Prendiville who is running for The Anti Austerity Alliance in Limerick City in the forthcoming General Election.
His Website
Many thanks to the sender



Leaflet from Cian Prendiville -Anti Austerity Alliance – Limerick City August 9, 2015

A Leaflet from Anti Austerity Alliance Councillor Cian Prendiville which announces among other things that he will be contesting the General Election in the Limerick City Constituency.
Many thanks to the sender.



“Limerick Socialist” April 2012 -Newsletter of the Limerick Socialist Party April 14, 2012

An edition of the “Limerick Socialist” -Newsletter of the Limerick Socialist Party from April 2012. Amongst the areas covered are the Household Charge and The Fiscal Treaty Referendum.



“Kick Fianna Fail Out” Leaflet from Cian Prendiville -Socialist Party -Limerick City -2011 GE January 20, 2011

A leaflet from the 2011 General Election Socialist Party (United Left Alliance) candidate in Limerick City Cian Prendiville.
It also has details of the ULA launch in Limerick.



Poster for Cian Prendiville -Socialist Party (part of the United Left Alliance) -2011 Election Limerick City December 19, 2010

From the forthcoming General Election a Poster for Cian Prendiville of the Socialist Party running in the Limerick City constituency.
Its the first bit of election material I’ve seen referring to the United Left Alliance.
The sender (many thanks) notes…
At 21 he is, to the best of my knowledge, the youngest general election candidate .


“Launching a Left Challenge for the Next General Election” featuring Cian Prendiville ‘Dail Candidate for Limerick’ -Socialist Party 2010 October 28, 2010

A Poster advertising a Public Rally in Limerick on Tuesday 2nd of November. The Rally will be “Launching a Left Challenge for the Next General Election” featuring both Joe Higgins and Cian Prendiville The Socialist Partys ‘Dail Candidate for Limerick’ .
As far as I’m aware Prendiville will be the Socialist Partys first General Election candidate in Limerick.


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