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Leaflet from Niamh Bhreathnach -Labour Party -1999 Local Elections -Blackrock October 4, 2017

From the 1999 Local Elections a Leaflet from Niamh Bhreathnach of Labour who was running in Blackrock along with colleagues Seán Mistéil and Marian White. The leaflet deals with the “traffic crisis” in Blackrock.



“Merger of the Labour Party and the Independent Socialist Party (Sligo/Leitrim)” April 7, 2017

From a publication “Labour Report to National Conference 1991 – 1993” a piece on the merger between Labour and The Independent Socialist Party (Sligo/Leitrim) (you can find one of their leaflets here)


“Maastricht- Ireland in the Community” leaflet from Labour February 16, 2017

A leaflet produced by The Labour Party and The Socialist Group European Parliament explaining the Maastricht treaty , what it was , it’s benefits and challenges for Ireland. It has pieces by Barry Desmond, Dick Spring and Niamh Bhreathnach.
Many thanks to the sender.



Leaflet from Deirdre Kingston – Labour -Blackrock -2014 Local Elections January 28, 2014

A leaflet from Deirdre Kingston who is running for Labour in Blackrock for a seat on Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council. She is pictured on the reverse with former Minister of Education Niamh Bhreathnach who is a current Labour Councillor in Blackrock.
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Leaflet from Niamh Bhreathnach- Labour Party -2009 Local Elections -Blackrock August 9, 2013

From the 2009 Local Elections a leaflet from Labour Party Councillor, and former TD and Minister, Niamh Bhreathnach who was running in the Blackrock Ward. She polled 1,782 votes and was elected on the 5th count.
Many thanks to the sender.




Leaflet for Eamon Gilmore, Niamh Bhreathnach -Labour -2002 GE Dun Laoghaire November 23, 2010

From the 2002 General Election a leaflet from Labour candidates Eamon Gilmore and Niamh Bhreathnach running in Dun Laoghaire. Gilmore polled 8,271 votes and was easily elected. Bhreathnach polled 3,893 votes and missed out.
It was Gilmores first General Election standing for Labour.



‘Labours Charter to protect our Local Environment’ -Niamh Bhreathnach 1991 Local Elections Blackrock November 11, 2010

From the 1991 Local Elections a leaflet from Labour candidate Niamh Bhreathnach running in the Blackrock Ward where she was elected.
The focus of the leaflet is on Environmental issues such as Booterstown Marsh.
It was at this time that ‘Environmental Issues started taking a bigger role in election leaflets , in part to do with the potential rise in the Green Party vote.



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