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1992 Dick Spring Speech on “Abortion and The Right To Life” February 23, 2017

From a 1993 Group of The Party Of European Socialists publication of “A Collection of Speeches Of Dick Spring” (in pdf format) a Speech on “Abortion and The Right To Life” from the 1992 Abortion Referendum Campaign which was held in the initial aftermath of the X-Case. It’s still highly relevant today. Click on the image or the link.



“Pope’s Warning To Ireland” Vote No leaflet from the 1992 Abortion Referendum May 18, 2016

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From the 1992 Abortion Referendums on The Right to Travel, The Right to Information and Abortion a leaflet from a group called ‘Support Life Ireland’ urging a No Vote in all 3 Referenda.



1991 Anti Abortion Information leaflet from SPUC (with an unusual graph) July 10, 2013

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From 1991 a leaflet on Abortion Information from SPUC  (The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children). Its the final page of the leaflet that is the oddest with a rather unusual graph comparing the number of children born to unmarried mothers  to abortions.



From 1992 Progressive Democrats Des O’Malley outlines the partys reasons to vote No on the Abortion Referendum. June 8, 2013

From a 1992 Progressive Democrat leaflet Dessie O’Malley outlines the position of the party regarding the 3 Abortion Referenda to be held on the same day as the General Election. Whilst they asked for a YEs vote for the Right to Travel and Right to Information, they asked for a NO vote on the Abortion issue. Many of the reasons for voting against the Referendum outlined by O’Malley are just as relevant today as they were then.



From 1992 a flyer for a Pro Life public meeting in Foxrock featuring William Binchy and Berry Kiely. May 9, 2013

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From the 1992 Abortion Referendum(s) Campaign a flyer for a public meeting in Foxrock Community Centre sponsored by Pro -Life Foxrock District featuring William Binchy and Berry Kiely.


From the 1992 Abortion Referenda a pro choice leaflet from ‘Frontline’ February 14, 2013

From the 1992 Abortion Referenda a leaflet from ‘Frontline’ “A Coalition of Organisations dealing with the Issue and Consequences of Unplanned Pregnancy”.
The Coalition consisted of Cherish, Doctors for Freedom of Information, Dublin Well Woman Centre, Irish Family Planning Association, Open Line Counselling, Psychologists for Freedom of Information and The Union of Students of Ireland.
They were urging a No vote in the Abortion Referendum as it was ” a simplistic and ambiguous approach to a complex issue” and were urging a Yes vote for the Right to Travel and Right to Information.




“Before you make up your mind”- Secondary Schools Leaflet on Abortion from the Socialist Workers Movement 1992 December 3, 2012

From 1992 , in the aftermath of the X-Case a leaflet on Abortion from The Socialist Workers Movement intended for Secondary school students. The leaflet was never distributed.


Going by the experience of the 1980s it was thought likely that the ‘pro-lifers’ would mobilise in the schools and use their connections to get anti-choice videos shown, guest lecturers from SPUC [Society for the Protection of Unborn Children] into classes etc. The SWM had a couple of contacts who were school students so we decided to draw up a leaflet specifically aimed at them, with the idea that where we had a contact they would distribute the leaflet inside their school and hopefully get some of their mates to do the same: and we would also leaflet some schools from outside.

You’ll find a more detailed explanation of the leaflet here
Many thanks to the CLR for use of the leaflet.


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