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Tony Clarke -Independent Socialist – Dun Laoghaire Nov 1982. September 22, 2009

Tony Clarke Independent Socialist Dun Laoghaire November 1982.  Although the fashion may be out of date, some of his ideas were slightly ahead of their time. Equal rights for Fathers wasn’t something talked about much then , at least openly anyhow. The salaries of TDs is a common complaint and of course the demand for Irish Unity was mainstream at the time. A demand too for a Divorce Referendum…. He polled 205 votes.


Mildred Fox -Wicklow 1997 September 21, 2009

Mildred Fox an Independent TD for Wicklow, was first elected in 1995 in a By Election caused by the death of her father Johnny Fox. Johnny Fox was a Fianna Fail Councillor who ran as an Independent candidate in the 1992 General Election , having failed to get a nomination from Fianna Fail.

This Leaflet is from the 1997 General election. The issues addressed are mainly of a rural nature.



Fianna Fail 1992 -‘Hard Labour’ leaflet. September 13, 2009

A pre election Attack by an Albert led Fianna Fail on future coalition partners Labour.  They attacked Labour a lot during that campaign… they must have seen the ‘Spring Tide’ coming.


Noel Whelan -Fianna Fail 1997 Dublin South East September 12, 2009

A young fresh faced, tight haired Noel Whelan as he runs for Fianna Fail in 1997.  The now Irish Times columnist and political commentator  failed in his attempt to win a seat in Dublin South East.

Will his then running mate be back running there again I wonder…

Another Larger more detailed Leaflet here


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