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Leaflet for John Cushnahan-Fine Gael -1989 European Elections -Munster July 26, 2012

From the 1989 European Elections a leaflet from former leader of The Alliance Party and prominent Civil Rights movement figure John Cushnahan running for Fine Gael in Munster. Cushnahan polled 43,326 votes and was elected. He was returned again in 1994 and 1999.



Leaflet from Jayne Dunlop- Alliance Party -North Antrim -2011 Assembly Elections May 8, 2011

From the 2011 Assembly Elections a leaflet from Alliance Party candidate Jayne Dunlop running in North Antrim.



Ian Butler -Alliance Party- Mid Ulster 2010 UK Election May 8, 2010

From the 2010 Westminster Election. An election leaflet from Alliance Party candidate in Mid Ulster Ian Butler. Ian Butler polled 397 votes and lost his deposit.
It was though a successful election for the party as they had their first MP Naomi Long Elected. Of the material I have from the election (I’ve stuff from all the parties that contested in the North) the Alliance were the only ones to have anything other than English or Irish on their leaflets (I didn’t see any Ulster Scots anywhere). There are a number of languages on their leaflet, of which I think includes some Chinese (Cantonese?) and Polish.
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