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David Harding -Conservative and Unionist -Foyle 2010 UK Election May 8, 2010

From the 2010 Westminister Election, a leaflet from Conservative and Unionist candidate David Harding running in Foyle. David Harding polled
1,221 votes (3.22%) and lost his deposit.
In the leaflet a lot of emphasis is put on the partnership between the UUP and the Ulster Unionist Party and how ‘for the first time in a generation, people in Northern Ireland can have a decisive say in who forms the next UK government.’
Problem of course being that it may now be the DUP who have that say.
Harding is pictured all over Derry with a grey haired lady, anyone know who she is?


2 Responses to “David Harding -Conservative and Unionist -Foyle 2010 UK Election”

  1. Andrew Says:

    The grey haired lady …. would that be his nanny? Conservatives tend to have or have had nannies!

  2. R Magowan Says:

    That is a very hurtful and snide coment about a man recently widowed and left to bring up a family alone – as well as running a busy vet practice.

    No doubt grocer’s daughter Maggie Thatcher reared above the shop or Ted Heath from a smilar background survived without nannies unlike the creepy Blair family!

    Time to grow up Andrew and not classify people so simply.

    As for the lady suggest your read local weeklies in Londonderry for names of local councillors, agents etc.

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