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Leaflet from Dave Lordan -Socialist Workers Party -2004 LE Ballybrack November 2, 2010

From the 2004 Local Elections a leaflet for Socialist Workers Party candidate Dave Lordan running in the Ballybrack Ward.
Lordan polled 464 votes and failed to win a seat.



Roy Hassey -Socialist Workers Party -2004 Local Elections Waterford No 3 October 24, 2010

From the 2004 Local Elections an election leaflet for SWP candidate Roy Hassey. Hassey running in the Waterford No 3 ward received 52 votes.



Shay Ryan Election Newsletter -Socialist Workers Party -2004 Local Elections -South East Inner City October 20, 2010

From the 2004 Local Elections an Election Newsletter from Socialist Workers Party Candidate Shay Ryan running in the South East Inner City Ward.
The leaflet mentions Bin Tax. May Day, An Election fundraiser and on the reverse we have ‘Stop Bush’ with details of protests against the visit of George Bush.
Ryan polled 239 votes and failed to win a seat. He had stood previously in Dublin South East and in the 1999 Local Elections (his record at



John Carty -Socialist Workers Party -Gorey -2004 Local Elections October 13, 2010

From the 2004 Local Elections a flyer for Socialist Workers Party candidate John Carty running in Gorey. Carty polled 189 votes and failed to win a seat on Wexford County Council.


Terry Connolly -Socialist Workers Party -Rathmines 2004 LE October 4, 2010

From the 2004 Locale Elections a leaflet for Socialist Workers Party candidate Terry Connolly. Connolly received 215 votes.
I love the Tom Gilmartin quote he uses.. “They make the mafia look like monks



Joyce Power -Socialist Workers Party -2004 Local Elections Bray September 27, 2010

From the 2004 Local Elections a leaflet for SWP candidate and Bray Wanderers fan Joyce Power running in Bray North Ward for a seat on the Town Council.
She polled 77 votes and failed to win a seat.



An Appeal to Sinn Fein Members: Stay Out Of The Establishment -Socialist Workers Party 2005 September 21, 2010

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Love this appeal from the Socialist Workers Party to Sinn Fein members from 2005. It was distributed around the Sinn Fein Ard Fheis.
The Leaflet tells Sinn Fein Members all sorts about entering into coalition with Fianna Fail or power sharing with the DUP as well as plenty of other things. It end though by stating that the proper way forward is by “forging an alliance with the socialist organisations on the ground –rather the political scum who are attacking you today.


Kevin Wingfield -Socialist Workers Party -2004 Local Elections -Ballymun September 14, 2010

From the 2004 Local Elections a leaflet for Socialist Workers Party candidate Kevin Wingfield running in Ballymun-Whitehall where he received 256 votes. It was a vast improvement on the 69 votes he received in the 1999 Local Elections.



Richard Boyd Barrett -Socialist Workers Party -2004 Local Elections Dun Laoghaire September 8, 2010

From the 2004 Local Elections in Dun Laoghaire a leaflet for Socialist Workers Party candidate Richard Boyd Barrett. Boyd Barrett polled well but just missed out on missing a seat. In 2009 he won a seat on Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council running for People Before Profit Alliance.



Catherine Kennedy -Socialist Workers Party -Wicklow 2002 General Election May 31, 2010

From the 2002 General Election, Socialist Workers Party candidate Catherine Kennedy running in Wicklow.
She polled 399 votes.
In 2009 Catherine Kennedy ran for Sinn Fein for Bray Town Council.



Right To Work Campaign Poster for March on Tuesday 18th May May 17, 2010

A Poster for the protest run by The Right To Work Campaign due next Tuesday (18th May).


Flyer for March to Dail to ‘Protest At Bank Bailouts’ -Right to Work Campaign 2010 May 11, 2010

A flyer advertising the march on the 11th of May produced by the Right to Work Campaign.

‘Protest at the Banks Bail out -We Want Jobs and Services’



Gino Kenny -People Before Profit -2007 GE Dublin Mid West March 18, 2010

From the 2007 General election in Dublin Mid West, People Before Profit candidate Gino Kenny. Gino Kenny polled over 1000 votes and was elected to South Dublin County Council in 2009 for the Clondalkin LEA.



Eamonn McCann- Socialist Environmental Alliance -2005 Foyle February 24, 2010

An election flyer from the 2005 UK Westminister Elections in the Foyle Constituency, Socialist Environmental Alliance (SEA) candidate Eamonn McCann. He received 1,649 votes.
A veteran campaigner, the well known Eamonn McCann ‘has been active in left-wing politics for more than 40 years. He was a member of the Labour Party in the 1960s and provided a strong socialist voice in the early civil rights movement. He first stood for Foyle in 1969. He has been involved ever since in challenging the abuse of State power, particularly in relation to Bloody Sunday.He is a campaigner for the rights of children and disabled people, and against sexism, racism and homophobia.
He is a member of the Socialist Workers’ Party, chairman of the local branch of the NUJ, vice-chairman of Derry Trades Council and a member of Amnesty International. …and lives in Derry with his partner, Goretti Horgan’

‘The SEA offers a better way. The more emphasis we give to the issues which unite us, the better we can handle the issues which divide us.’



SWP -No to Racism flyer February 11, 2010

“Say No to Racism –  Migrants are welcome here ”  
This is fairly recent. I’m not sure if there is any particular incident that prompted the production of the leaflet.


Richard Boyd-Barrett -People Before Profit- Dun Laoghaire 2007 December 7, 2009

SWP man Richard Boyd-Barrett missed out on the last seat at the 2007 General election, but romped home in the 2009  locals elections and is seen as having a great chance at the next election.



‘Payback Time’ -Brendan Donohoe -SWP- South West Inner City 2004 October 25, 2009

Plenty of waste mentioned here by Brendan Donohoe in 2004. He didn’t know the half of it!  He polled 308 votes.



Dublin Housing Action Campaign (DHAC) 1999 – SWP October 14, 2009

The Dublin Housing Action Campaign (DHAC), this time the Socialist Workers Party inspired version. A protest in 1999 against evictions in St Ultans Flats.
One of many organisations to have the name (or at least a similar name) and same initials used numerous times by different groups.



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