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Eamonn McCann- Socialist Environmental Alliance -2005 Foyle February 24, 2010

An election flyer from the 2005 UK Westminister Elections in the Foyle Constituency, Socialist Environmental Alliance (SEA) candidate Eamonn McCann. He received 1,649 votes.
A veteran campaigner, the well known Eamonn McCann ‘has been active in left-wing politics for more than 40 years. He was a member of the Labour Party in the 1960s and provided a strong socialist voice in the early civil rights movement. He first stood for Foyle in 1969. He has been involved ever since in challenging the abuse of State power, particularly in relation to Bloody Sunday.He is a campaigner for the rights of children and disabled people, and against sexism, racism and homophobia.
He is a member of the Socialist Workers’ Party, chairman of the local branch of the NUJ, vice-chairman of Derry Trades Council and a member of Amnesty International. …and lives in Derry with his partner, Goretti Horgan’

‘The SEA offers a better way. The more emphasis we give to the issues which unite us, the better we can handle the issues which divide us.’


3 Responses to “Eamonn McCann- Socialist Environmental Alliance -2005 Foyle”

  1. ancruiskeenlawnmower Says:

    Hard to knock McCann, had to laugh at some Unioinist a year or two back who said he was putting forward a tired, dated philosophy. Irony defined. Chucking the computers out the window of ratheon’s offices and then getting off with it was a delight to behold.

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