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1987 Letter from The National Socialist Irish Workers Party August 27, 2015

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First off apologies if anyone is offended but I thought it might be of interest.

A small extract from the excellent book “Undertones: Anti-fascism and the far-right in Ireland 1945-2012.” about the NSIWP which emerged in 1968.

The National Socialist Irish Workers Party (NSIWP) was founded in Dublin by 26 year old Terence Allan-Byrne, a self-employed decorator who lived with his mother at 6 St. Brendan’s Cottages, Ringsend. The founding of the organisation coincided with a ‘huge black swastika’ and the letters NSIWP daubed on the monument to Dr. William Ashford at Irishtown Square, Dublin.This organisation, though never involving more than two dozen or so members, would be active for the next twenty years. It also played a vital role in the production of neo-Nazi paraphernalia for the European movement.

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‘Nazis are no fun’ badge from Rock Against Racism February 4, 2013

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A ‘Nazis are no fun’ badge from Rock Against Racism.
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SWP -No to Racism flyer February 11, 2010

“Say No to Racism –  Migrants are welcome here ”  
This is fairly recent. I’m not sure if there is any particular incident that prompted the production of the leaflet.


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