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“There’s more to Allied Irish than meets the eye …” 1969 Ad for AIB October 2, 2012

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Was flicking through an old Dublin Tourist guidebook when I came upon this ad. Given the recent travails of Irish Banks the “There’s more to Allied Irish than meets the eye …” headline caught my attention.


A video from the UK promoting The Robin Hood Bankers Tax October 23, 2010

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A video from the UK promoting The Robin Hood Bankers Tax. is their site if you want to learn more.


‘A Financial Transaction Tax in Europe Now!’ -Party of European Socialists (PES) September 23, 2010

Was contacted by PES advertising their site.
Had a look and found this which was launched recently. “A Financial Transaction Tax in Europe Now!”.
PES is the Party of European Socialists, The Labour Party are affiliated to it.
Their website is worth a visit

As they say themselves…
The Party of European Socialists (PES) brings together the Socialist, Social Democratic and Labour Parties of the European Union (EU). Its aims include:

* the strengthening of the socialist and social democratic movement in the Union and throughout Europe;
* the development of close working relationships between the national parties, the national parliamentary groups, the Parliamentary Group of the PES, PES Women, ECOSY, and other socialist and social democratic organisations;
* the definition of common policies for the European Union; and
* the adoption of a common manifesto for elections to the European Parliament.



Flyer for March to Dail to ‘Protest At Bank Bailouts’ -Right to Work Campaign 2010 May 11, 2010

A flyer advertising the march on the 11th of May produced by the Right to Work Campaign.

‘Protest at the Banks Bail out -We Want Jobs and Services’



“Are you Being Served?” -Young Fine Gael give out about the Banks in 1990. January 29, 2010

“Are you Being Served?” ask Young Fine Gael in 1990. The Banks should look after students, giving them loans, according to Young Fine Gael around 1990.
In my day the banks looked after students by giving them a free fiver when they opened an account.
I’m sure the banks parsimony changed with the Celtic Tiger, Students were probably given mortgages by the banks then!


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