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Richard Boyd Barrett -Socialist Workers Party -2004 Local Elections Dun Laoghaire September 8, 2010

From the 2004 Local Elections in Dun Laoghaire a leaflet for Socialist Workers Party candidate Richard Boyd Barrett. Boyd Barrett polled well but just missed out on missing a seat. In 2009 he won a seat on Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council running for People Before Profit Alliance.


5 Responses to “Richard Boyd Barrett -Socialist Workers Party -2004 Local Elections Dun Laoghaire”

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  3. |Michael McGrath Says:

    These are the leaflets of a mob orator, a class warrior. a demagogue like Hitler or Stalin.
    To vote for the likes of Boyd Barrett would be jumping from the frying pan into the fire, he is a poison in Irish politics, a canker to be cut out.

    His Socialist Workers Party are the real Nazis of our age: The Nazis has the same Party title, the National Socialist Workers Party!!!

    Boyd Barrett takes over where they left off , there is no overt racism but all the rest of the nihilistic destructive policies are there. They have the most negative economic and financial policies in the Western hemisphere , they stand against everyting and for nothing as they now attempt to use the crisis to get themselves elected and carve a Soviet State out of Ireland.
    Avoid Boyd Barrett and his Partei Apparatus like the plague!

  4. Michael McGrath Says:

    The People Before Profit handle is a Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party front.
    It is designed to fool the very people it asks to vote for it.
    Are there that many fools in Ireland , specifically in Dun Laoghaire where Boyd Barrett sets out to fool them one again ,
    ” Fool me once …”

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