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Protecting The Taxpayer -Labour’s analysis of the NAMA Bill 2009 – Labour Party December 21, 2011

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From 2009 , ‘Protecting The Taxpayer’ -Labour’s analysis of the NAMA Bill 2009
I’ve uploaded this document in PDF format. Click on the image or on the link below to launch.

In Pdf
Protecting The Taxpayer -Labour’s analysis of the NAMA Bill 2009


NAMA = welfare for the wealthy! -Leaflet from the Communist Party of Ireland 2009 July 18, 2010

A 2009 leaflet from the Communist Party of Ireland titled “NAMA = welfare for the wealthy!”.
NAMA “…is a case of Irish workers taking all the pain. The much talked about “sharing the pain” is nothing more than a ruse to cover a major attack on workers and their families, while the Rich and powerful, and their lackeys in the media and universities , remain firmly entrenched, retaining the control over economic and thereby political power.”
There is also an ad for the CPIs “An Economy For The Common Good” booklet.



Flyer for March to Dail to ‘Protest At Bank Bailouts’ -Right to Work Campaign 2010 May 11, 2010

A flyer advertising the march on the 11th of May produced by the Right to Work Campaign.

‘Protest at the Banks Bail out -We Want Jobs and Services’



Éirígí -Welcome to the NAMA Republic Poster April 15, 2010

Many thanks to the donor…
In an effort to highlight the disgraceful behaviour of the Leinster House establishment and the business class with regard to the NAMA saga, éirígí has launched a satirical version of the 1916 Proclamation…..

in pdf format


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